Hallmark Keepsake LEGO Classic Space Astronaut Minifigure 2022 – the Blocks review

The most iconic of all LEGO minifigures joins the Hallmark Keepsake collection, as the blue Classic Space astronaut becomes part of the Christmas decoration range.

Who doesn’t love LEGO Classic Space? Oh right, anyone born since 1990. But fortunately the nostalgia of the 1980s crowd is still strong and the beloved LEGO astronaut minifigure has become an icon of the company since its introduction some four decades ago. It makes perfect sense that this beloved character has been added to the Hallmark Keepsake collection, bringing those warm memories to Christmas trees around the world.

There is an exciting festive feature coming in Blocks magazine Issue 98! If you take out a subscription to Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, you’ll get each issue first and at a discount, plus other perks including a free digital subscription and the chance to win LEGO prizes every month.

The upscaled minifigure is large enough not to get lost on a Christmas tree and is expertly sculpted, right down to the air tanks on the back. There’s no articulation at all and the plastic used is more solid than on a standard minifigure. The pose is nice, with the legs and arms giving the impression that the character is walking across a lunar surface.

If you love those classic minifigures, then this LEGO Space astronaut is well worth adding to your Christmas tree. Let’s hope for a Lion Knight or Captain Redbeard next year.

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