Hallmark Keepsake – LEGO Christmas Elf Minifigure 2021 review

Hallmark continues to offer oversized LEGO minifigure ornaments in the decoration collection, with this festive LEGO Christmas collectible depicting the Collectible Minifigures Elf with Teddy Bear.

For Christmas 2021, Hallmark’s storied Keepsake ornament line features among its many entries new LEGO minifigure inspired Christmas tree decorations. Each is delightful and of high quality. The figures are all craftedfrom high quality plastic and do not feel flimsy when held. In terms of functionality, despite depicting minifigures, none of them articulate in any way; heads, arms and legs all remain motionless. Unlike the minifigure ornaments available directly from the LEGO Group, these are not just regular figures, they are about three times the size of a standard minifigure – they won’t get lost on a Christmas tree thanks to their scale.

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In a delightful departure from the franchised source material of DC and Star Wars, this LEGO Elf first appeared as a Collectible Minifigures entry and then showed up in several Winter Village products. Santa’s happy little helper features a traditional green hat and he is holding a teddy bear. Again, the mysterious centre of gravity has been accounted for and he too can stand when not being hung from a Christmas tree branch. He is cute and will be very satisfying for fans of the Winter Village theme, Santa inspired subject matter, or just a solid, non-licensed, LEGO holiday ornament.  

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