Digital Issues

Is a print subscription to Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, not for you? Then how about a digital subscription? You can get a digital subscription to the magazine with Exact Editions and it includes every single back issue.

The Exact Editions digital subscription brings you the latest issue digitally every month as well as including a full, searchable digital archive of every single issue that’s ever been published. It’s a great value way to access the LEGO magazine online and allows you to read it in your mobile, tablet, computer – or pretty much any device that suits you!

Every month, Blocks brings readers exclusive interviews with the experts who make LEGO happen, reviews of the latest LEGO products, guides to using your bricks to build better, in-depth dives into the history of the LEGO Group and analysis of the latest news. It’s the ultimate companion to the LEGO hobby for fans.

For those who prefer the traditional joy of holding a paper magazine in your hands, all of our print subscriptions include free access to the digital back catalogue too. Other benefits for print subscribers include getting the magazine early each month, saving money compared to buying single issues and getting entry into the monthly prize draw.