Hallmark Keepsake – LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Minifigure 2021 review

Hallmark continues to offer oversized LEGO minifigure ornaments in the decoration collection, with this LEGO Star Wars collectible depicting Darth Vader in his Death Star holiday sweater.

For Christmas 2021, Hallmark’s storied Keepsake ornament line features among its many entries new LEGO minifigure inspired Christmas tree decorations. Each is delightful and of high quality. The figures are all craftedfrom high quality plastic and do not feel flimsy when held. In terms of functionality, despite depicting minifigures, none of them articulate in any way; heads, arms and legs all remain motionless. Unlike the minifigure ornaments available directly from the LEGO Group, these are not just regular figures, they are about three times the size of a standard minifigure – they won’t get lost on a Christmas tree thanks to their scale.

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By far the most humorous of the bunch is Darth Vader, who sports the classic tacky Christmas sweater depicting a Death Star. The juxtaposition of one of the greatest movie villains of all time with a ridiculous holiday tradition favoured by fathers who tell copious amounts of bad jokes is hilarious. Despite being in mid stride, the figure can stand on its own, which is a testament to its excellent design since there is no obvious centre of gravity. The graphic on the sweater is based on a version of the character that appeared LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. His cape is a flexible rubber material that contrasts with the rest of the plastic, which is hard and immovable.

It’s a fantastic ornament sure to delight both fans of a galaxy far far away and a good dad joke. 

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