Revamped LEGO Store Leicester Square to open in August

The LEGO Group will reopen London’s LEGO Store Leicester Square this summer with a new look and larger footprint.

LEGO Store Leicester Square will reopen on August 10 as the world’s largest LEGO Store, to coincide with the 90th anniversary celebrations. From August 10 until 13 there will be promotions and festivities for those visiting the new-look store.

New LEGO models will be unveiled inside the store inspired by Britain, including Diagon Alley from Harry Potter and James Bond’s Aston Martin. There will also be hands-on LEGO experiences not available anywhere else in the UK and the 90 Years of Play walkthrough to mark this year’s big anniversary.

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Many of the innovations that are part of the new generation of LEGO Stores will be added to Leicester Square, including the Storytelling Table, where LEGO fans can go behind-the-scenes of the LEGO design process through on-screen interviews and videos. The Personalisation Studio will offer the Mosaic Maker and the LEGO Minifigure Factory.

The centrepiece of the new store will be the Tree of Discovery, a colourful tree that made up of 880,000 pieces. As at other stores, there will be mini LEGO worlds and secrets hidden inside the tree through windows in its rainbow trunk.

‘We’re so excited to announce the reopening of the LEGO Store Leicester Square,’ says Head of LEGO Retail Natali Stojovic. ‘We have many loyal fans in the UK so we’re looking forward to thanking them for their passion for the LEGO Group by giving them the world’s biggest LEGO store on their doorstep – and it will be so much more than a store! The 3D builds will tell unique stories inspired by British culture, there will be hands-on play experiences for all ages and a dedicated ’90 Years of Play’ walkthrough to celebrate the 90th year.’

There’s a good reason to make a trip in September too, as there will be a new exclusive LEGO Store Leicester Square Bulldog mascot set available shortly after the reopening.

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