LEGO Harry Potter 40577 Hogwarts: Grand Staircase – the Blocks review

LEGO Hogwarts is expanding with 40577 Hogwarts: Grand Staircase, a new set that will be available with qualifying orders at the LEGO online shop – and Blocks is reviewing the model to see if it’s worth spending big for.

‘Be careful. The staircases like to change,’ was the warning that prefect, Percy Weasley, gave to the young group of Gryffindor first years as they entered the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. These shifting steps would lead to plenty of drama for Harry, Ron and Hermione, taking them to the forbidden corridors and a three-headed dog. While stairs have been included in many LEGO Harry Potter sets, it’s usually as a practicality rather than showcasing the magical movement. 

40577 Hogwarts: Grand Staircase is an upcoming gift with purchase that is going to change that, highlighting a mechanism to move the stairs and at a scale that it can be added to previous Hogwarts models. Launching on July 15 2022 at, the set will be free with LEGO Harry Potter purchases of £130 / $130 / €130 or more and available until July 31 (unless the stock runs out before then). 

So, is 40577 going to send minifigures into a spin, or is it a stairway to building heaven? 

40577 Hogwarts: Grand Staircase set details

Price: Free with £130 / $130 / €130 spend at
Minifigures: 1

While the grand staircases featured throughout the Harry Potter movies, they were mostly seen in The Philosopher’s Stone, accidentally leading the young group of wizards to the forbidden third floor. 40577 Hogwarts: Grand Staircase is clearly based on this first film, which can easily be figured out from the portrait for the Gryffindor common room. The Fat Lady has a sticker rendition showing her in a pink dress – an outfit unique to the first film. 

Portraits are a hugely recognisable element for Hogwarts hallways, so 40577 does contain a lot of stickers. Interestingly, the stickers aren’t all based on this first film. There is one to the left of the Fat Lady that is an empty wing-backed chair. This was the portrait of Dumbledore seen in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince after the headmaster’s death, so clearly the graphic designers have taken inspiration from across the franchise.

40577 Hogwarts: Grand Staircase is built in a similar manner to most LEGO Harry Potter sets depicting the location. Even though it is relatively small, a lot of the techniques will feel familiar. Dark tan baseplates lead to light tan walls that are interspersed with nougat bricks for texture. Archway elements then suggest other corridors or rooms, and make it easier to combine the set with other parts of Hogwarts. 

Building at a 90 degree angle makes 40577 very visually appealing while also allowing the stairs to slide from side-to-side. A variety of grey tiles line the floor so the function works very smoothly. Built onto a 10×10 octagonal plate, the stairs are held aloft by a 2×6 transparent brick that isn’t too distracting. An actual LEGO staircase element is then covered in 1×4 tiles. The banisters use studs to suggest little columns, and moulded 1×1 bricks on the end add a more ornate touch. Altogether the function works really well, but the top of the stairs doesn’t quite reach the landing of the doorways, which does look a little odd. 

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Perhaps the most magical touch included in 40577 Hogwarts: Grand Staircase is the exclusive minifigure of a young Hermione Granger. This is the first time she’s got printed legs for her uniform socks and a unique skirt piece, making this Hermione the most accurate version to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone yet. 

There is so much for LEGO Harry Potter fans to like about this gift with purchase set, from providing an unexplored part of Hogwarts, to the unique Hermione minifigure. Gryffindors in particular should remember the password for the common room, and find some sets to buy at in order to get 40577 Hogwarts: Grand Staircase this July. 

VERDICT: 40577 is a little magical delight and a must-have for all Hermione Granger fans.

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