Blocks magazine Issue 90 – Special Edition


This very special commemorative LEGO magazine celebrates an important milestone – the LEGO Group’s 90th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Blocks shares treasures from the LEGO archives, speaks to legacy designers including Niels Milan Pedersen and Steen Sig Andersen, takes a tour of the LEGO factory and builds Ole Kirk’s woodworking factory at minifigure scale.


Get your special commemorative LEGO magazine that marks 90 years since the company was founded! Blocks is celebrating the history of the LEGO Group, from the old days of hand-crafted wooden toys to the era that shaped what a modern LEGO product is. This is an issue of Blocks that no LEGO fan can afford to miss.

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Five creative experts share their experience being part of the LEGO design team in the 1980s and 1990s. Niels Milan Pedersen, who has worked in LEGO design for more than 40 years, reveals what is wrong with the classic horse, how he came up with the iconic monkey from Pirates and shows off an elephant from an unreleased Castle subtheme.

Steen Sig Andersen also has four decades of LEGO experience to his name – he talks about being part of Town, the original real-life theme, before joining the Castle design team and expanding the scope of what it could be. Bjarne P Tveskov has been at the company almost as long, with plenty of stories about taking Space beyond the Classic era, including being part of designing monorail sets.

As for Torben Plagborg, he was leading the team who reinvented Trains with the 9V system when it could have been the end for LEGO sets on rails. Finally, Henk van der Does reveals how he has gone from designing Town sets to coaching other designers to make their models the best they can be.

Important as the modern history of the LEGO Group is, there were decades of wooden toys before the brick came to be. To mark this 90th anniversary, Daniel Konstanski builds the old woodworking factory, where the LEGO Group’s first plastic moulding machine was installed.

Blocks also gets special access to the archives and pulls out 15 items and images that tell us something about LEGO history – yes, the wooden duck is in there, but there are plenty of artefacts that you won’t have seen before and may be surprised ever existed.

Speaking of unique access, you’ll also enjoy a visual tour of the LEGO factory – it shows how plastic pellets become LEGO elements with the help of some pretty smart robots.

Two special tributes to LEGO talents are also included in Issue 90; Jens Nygaard Knudsen designed the minifigure and launched Space – the colleagues who worked with him share their memories; Dagny Holm Jensen was the original big scale model builder and the designers of the new LEGO House tribute set explain how they distilled her career into a one-off model.

Also in Issue 90:

  • Why is 1932 considered the year that the LEGO Group was founded?
  • Editor Graham Hancock goes back to Billund in This LEGO Life.
  • 10298 Vespa 125 reviewed.
  • Build your own classic wooden toys as mini-builds with exclusive instructions.
  • Speed Champions 2022 – the full wave is put through its paces.
  • Plus much more!

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