Meet the new LEGO Friends in LEGO Stores

The LEGO Group has activities planned over the next two months to introduce the characters who make up the refreshed Friends theme.

LEGO Friends is looking a bit different in 2023 – a new cast of characters have replaced the five girls who have been at the heart of theme since its launch in 2012. They’re part of a refreshed Heartlake City, which is offering a broad range of colourful models for fans to collect.

You can read all about the changes in Blocks magazine Issue 99, as Head of Design Matthew Ashton, Senior Design Manager Fenella Blaize-Charity and Senior Designer Ellen Bowley share what went into this extensive rethink of what LEGO Friends could be.

The LEGO Group is keen to highlight that the theme is representing more people than it has in the past, with the press release stating that: ‘The 2023 LEGO Friends Universe includes characters with a wider variety of skin tones, cultural backgrounds, disabilities, and neurodiversity, all with authentic personalities and relationships.’

Here are the events that are taking place in the UK to promote the revamped LEGO Friends theme:

LEGO Store activities

Discover the LEGO Friends

Spin the wheel and find out more about one of the eight new LEGO Friends characters – and then build a set that aligns with that character’s passions before proudly displaying it in-store.

LEGO Friends Skate Ramp

During half term on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 February between 2.00pm and 4.00pm.
Come in-store to create a LEGO Friends Skate Ramp – that you can take home to play with your friends on.

LEGO Friends Character Creator

You can design and customise your own LEGO Friends character (check with local store for exact timings).

The LEGO Friends Bedrooms

Four of the new Friends LEGO bedroom sets will be on display for visitors to play with and customise.

LEGO Store Leicester Square

Giant brick LEGO Friends

In the London Leicester Square Store you can grab a photo on the LEGO bench surrounded by giant brick versions of Nova, Aliya, Autumn and Leo. Plus scan the QR code to reveal the remaining four friends.

The Bullring, Birmingham

LEGO Friends ‘Hangouts’

18 – 21 February
A child’s bedroom is an integral part of forming their self-identity. At this event, kids can meet and take part in awesome activities with their favourite influencers as they explore creativity and self-expression, form friendships and learn what it means to be different together.

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