A message from Blocks magazine to our readers – Issue 100

As Blocks magazine arrives at the milestone Issue 100, Editor Graham Hancock shares a message with readers and the wider LEGO community

I am so delighted that we are launching Issue 100 of Blocks magazine. It’s such a testament to the passion of everyone on the team that we have reached this point and to the fantastic community of readers that have been with us on this journey.

When putting Issue 100 together, I wanted us to celebrate the past 100 editions of the magazine and share some fresh insight into how we put it together. That’s why Rob Paton and Chris Wharfe joined us for this feature, to share their memories of what went into putting Blocks together.

I also felt that we should interview someone who really understands the AFOL experience – and Jamie Berard has had the ultimate journey, from child fan, to AFOL, to designer, to leading the adult design team, to LEGO Masters judge. Plus, who doesn’t want to hear more about 10182 Café Corner?

Thank you to everyone who has sent kind messages recently, we have tried to reply to all of them, so apologies if we have missed any. It really does mean the world to everyone here that you love what we do and it gives us the energy to keep striving to really elevate what we’re doing. We have some really cool things in the work.

I’d also like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has contributed to Blocks magazine, in ways big and small, over the past 100 editions. We have had a huge number of people involved in Blocks over the past eight-and-a-bit years, who have all helped to make the magazine what it is.

A big old thank you is also due for the LEGO Group; from the excellent team at AFOL Engagement through the entire company and its associated organisations, the relationship with the LEGO Group is essential to what we do.  

One thing I love about our community is how it continually surprises. On one day last week we had an email from an 82-year-old subscriber in the afternoon, after hearing from an 8-year-old (through their parent) that morning. Another group we often hear from are the ‘family subscribers’, where in theory the magazine was bought for one parent or one child… but everyone in the house ends up reading it. We’ve seen pictures of some very well-thumbed copies!

We might have reached a milestone with this issue – and its companion, 100 Incredible LEGO Builds – but there’s much more to come. We continue to strive to enhance the magazine and keep things fresh, so later this year you can look forward to a redesigned Blocks magazine. We’ll have new sections, new concepts to try – but don’t worry, we’ll still be hitting the core beats that we know you want from a LEGO magazine.

Thank you again for being on this journey with us! And if you haven’t subscribed yet, take out a print subscription before Monday and you’ll get a free poster.

Editor // Blocks magazine

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