LEGO Store Leicester Square: 90 years of play exhibition

To celebrate the LEGO Group’s 90th anniversary, LEGO Store Leicester Square features a special exhibition that visitors can enjoy when the store reopens on Wednesday, August 10.

With this year marking the LEGO Group’s 90th anniversary, the company has been celebrating in various ways and will make a big splash on Wednesday, August 10, when the largest LEGO Store in the world opens. The Leicester Square store in London has been reimagined and part of that is with a new exhibition space marking 90 years of play.

Boards walk you through the history of the LEGO Group, with one for each decade. There are interactive elements, including touchscreens that allow you to revisit classic LEGO models from your childhood, and the opportunity to build a duck using just a few bricks.

Many of the items featured in this exhibition also feature in Blocks magazine’s look back through the archives in our special LEGO 90th anniversary edition – if you love LEGO history, it’s a must read!

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Most exciting of all, a selection of items from the LEGO Group’s history collection in Billund have been brought to London and are on display. These include prototypes for Friends mini-dolls (you may have seen pictures in Blocks Issue 88), the iconic Yellow Castle and original pull-along wooden toys.

There is no cost for visiting this section of the store, it’s all part of the new expanded experience. If the anniversary fever really strikes, you can buy a minifigure at the Minifigure Factory experience and print it with a special 90th anniversary torso.

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