First look inside the world’s biggest LEGO Store

Leicester Square, London will be home to the largest LEGO Store in the world when the flagship location reopens on Wednesday, August 10 – the same day the LEGO Group celebrates the company’s 90th anniversary.

Since it opened five years, LEGO Store Leicester Square has been a brick haven for fans visiting the UK capital. It has been closed for a few months as the LEGO Group’s specialist retail team transformed it to keep in line with the company’s modern retail aesthetic and introduce some brand new ‘wow’ builds.

New builds added to LEGO Store Leicester Square include characters from Harry Potter, who are positioned in front of a dimensional Diagon Alley backdrop. Another British fictional icon, James Bond, stands as an oversized brick-built minifigure next to a full sized LEGO replica of the famous Aston Martin DB5, with space inside to pose for photos.

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There are real-world London icons too, including Big Ben and a red Routemaster bus. It’s worth watching the windows found throughout the store, as all sorts of antics are going on – the Queen’s corgis are very lively.

As with many other modern flagship LEGO Stores, the colourful tree of creativity is part of the entrance to the new space, with a few London icons dotted around it.

The most significant change to the LEGO Store is that the upstairs area is now more than twice the size it was before, providing more space for interactivity. There, fans will find a special exhibit celebrating 90 years of play, with the opportunity to see some items from the company’s history archive that are rarely seen outside of Billund.

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This is also where the popular Minifigure Factory, Pick & Build and Build a Minifigure stations are found along with Mosaic Maker. Minifigure Factory has two special torsos for the 90th anniversary.

When the store opens to the public on Wednesday, August 10, Lester the minifigure will arrive on a double decker bus to kick off the festivities and performers will keep the crowd entertained. Exclusive freebies will be available on a first come, first served basis for those meeting certain spend thesholds.

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