Five Blocks gifts for the LEGO fan in your life this Christmas

We know how it goes – you need a gift for the LEGO fan in your life at Christmas, but they seem to have everything. You still want to get them a LEGO present for the holidays… But how do you know what to buy when not only do they have stacks and stacks of sets, but are ordering new ones every week or two? How do you know if they need another bucket of dark green or lime green LEGO pieces?

Well, here are some ideas for the 2022 holiday that might not already be part of that enormous LEGO collection…

Exclusive Blocks Minifigures

In the Blocks Minifigure Collection, there are six smart, colourful minifigures to collect. The full set spells out ‘Blocks’ and we’ve even given each character a fun name – although you can of course make them whoever you want them to be. These make a great Christmas gift for a fan of the LEGO magazine.

These are two more popular exclusive minifigures from Blocks. Who better to capture as a minifigure than the postal worker who brings the magazine every month? The character uses official LEGO parts, including two 2×2 tiles. One of them says ‘happy birthday’, but this gift still works for Christmas too. If the head isn’t to your taste, you can switch it out for another in your collection to customise the character.

Alternatively, there’s our former columnist Brick Wife, who is beloved by fans thanks to her razor-sharp wit and ability to cut through the strangeness of the LEGO hobby.

Blocks subscription gift packages

What’s the gift that gives the entire year-round? A blocks subscription! Ordering a subscription to the magazine will mean that every month, the brick aficionado in your life will get a fresh magazine packed with exclusive insight into the world of LEGO.

Here are the benefits subscibers get:

  • The chance to win 75574 Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls from the LEGO Avatar theme, then the chance to win a new set every month
  • Cheaper magazines – better value than buying in the shops or individually online
  • No price increases for the duration of your subscription
  • Access the full Blocks magazine online back catalogue
  • Get the magazine early every month, before it arrives in shops
  • Free entry into the Blocks prize draw every single month, with the chance to win LEGO prizes

Two special gift packages include extra items too. The Gift Bundle includes a Blocks t-shirt and minifigure, while the Subscription Bundle and Binder includes a t-shirt, minifigure and binder.

Exclusive limited edition Hogwarts Express poster

To mark the release of LEGO Harry Potter 76405 Hogwarts Express – Collectors’ Edition and to offer something festive, Blocks magazine is offering this limited edition poster. It depicts the iconic crimson steam engine trundling through a snowy setting. The poster is UK A2 size, printed on high quality 250gsm paper.

Alternatively, we still have stock of the limited edition BIONICLE poster. It is double sided, with one featuring a subtle Blocks logo at the bottom and the other featuring the image with no additional text whatsoever. 8531 Pohatu, 8532 Onua, 8534 Tahu, 8535 Lewa, 8536 Kopaka and 8570 Gali Nuva appear on the image, capturing the essence of classic BIONICLE artwork.

Blocks magazine Binder

That collection of Blocks shouldn’t be haphazardly sat on a desk in a pile, it should be carefully filed away into Blocks magazine binders so it can go on the shelf. Navy storage binders with an embossed Blocks logo are the perfect way to store a Blocks reader’s collection.

Blocks t-shirt – with exclusive minifigure

Blue and black tees featuring the Blocks logo small on the front and large on the back are available in a variety of sizes. They are the perfect way to encourage your LEGO fan to take off that ugly Christmas jumper they insist on wearing. What’s more, each t-shirt comes with an exclusive Blocks magazine minifigure that uses official LEGO parts.

Blocks magazine Cover Tiles

Sure, your LEGO fan might have dozens and dozens of copies of Blocks, but do their minifigures? These 2×2 LEGO tiles, printed with Blocks covers, are the perfect way to add a bit of Blocks to any minifigure scene. They are the right size to fit into the little character’s hands, so even the minifigures can express their fandom.

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