Everything you need to know about the Blocks magazine archive

Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, has opened up the extensive back catalogue to make it easier to browse and find the features you’re looking for. Whether you want to find the making of The LEGO Batman Movie, our review of 71040 The Disney Castle or our guide to building realistic terrain, it’s all within the more than 9,000 page back catalogue.

We’re providing access to a digital archive of more than 80 editions of Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, to print subscribers for free. For the duration of a print subscription, you’ll have access to every issue we’ve ever published online – including the rare pilot issue and Issue 1.

How do I get it?

Take out a print subscription to Blocks magazine and with your first issue you’ll get access. It’s that simple! We’re providing this perk to all print subscribers for the duration of the subscription.

How to access the online archive

Visit this link and set up an account. You’ll need your Blocks subscription number, which can be found on the piece of paper that comes with your magazine each month. If you can’t find it, contact subs@silverbackpublishing.rocks.

What other perks do subscribers get?

Subscribers also get the magazine early each month, hassle free, and pay less than people who buy each issue individually. They are also entered into a LEGO prize draw every month to win brand new sets!

How do I use the archive?

You can select a year, then select an issue, then start reading!

If you don’t know which issue you want to read though, you can also search for a specific term and every relevant feature will show up. For example, searching ‘Pirates’ will bring up every Pirates feature from the back catalogue. You can then read the article digitally, or dig out your paper copy and go straight to the relevant page.

Here are just a few of our favourite features that we recommend you check out:

10 years of LEGO NINJAGO with the creators (Issue 75)
Anatomy of the Batmobile (Issue 10)
Building LEGO Star Wars BB-8 with Matt Denton (Issue 38)
How The LEGO Batman Movie was made (Issue 28)
LEGO Masters set visit (Issue 49)
How to build underwater scenes (Issue 12)
EXO-FORCE – modern builds recreate the theme (Issue 29)
20 years of LEGO Star Wars: the full story (Issues 55-57)
Combining ever LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts set (Issue 26)
How NEXO KNIGHTS was created (Issue 17)
LEGO Paradisa retrospective (Issue 34)

To get your Blocks fix delivered straight to your door and have access to this incredible resource packed with high quality LEGO magazines, check out our print subscription deals.