LEGO BIONICLE 20th Anniversary limited edition poster


Celebrate LEGO BIONICLE, the classic theme that celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2021, with this limited edition A2 (UK size) poster.

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To celebrate 20 years of LEGO BIONICLE, we are offering a limited edition poster featuring the striking cover art from Blocks magazine Issue 85 – with no cover lines.

The poster is UK A2 size, printed on high quality 250gsm paper. It is double sided, with one featuring a subtle Blocks logo at the bottom and the other featuring the image with no additional text whatsoever.

Six classic BIONICLE figures feature on the poster; 8531 Pohatu, 8532 Onua, 8534 Tahu, 8535 Lewa, 8536 Kopaka and 8570 Gali Nuva. They have been specially photographed for this image.

Prices include postage and packaging.

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