Brick Wife Minifigure



Blocks magazine’s beloved columnist, Brick Wife, is presented as a minifigure character using authentic LEGO parts. This special edition minfigure captures Brick Wife’s personality and includes a 2×2 tile featuring her page.

For dozens and dozens of issues of Blocks magazine, Brick Wife closed out the magazine by rolling her eyes at her AFOL husband and his LEGO shenanigans. Brick Wife provided a great opportunity for LEGO fans to laugh at ourselves. While her column no longer appears in Blocks, she is still very much part of the team and has been immortalised as this unique LEGO minifigure.

The minifigure uses 100% authentic LEGO elements, with bespoke printing on the torso. The character also comes with a 2×2 tile featuring a Brick Wife column and a ‘Studbucks’ coffee cup.