What has Blocks magazine offered subscribers in 2021?

After another busy year at Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, we’re rounding up the extras that we’ve introduced this year for subscribers.

What a year 2021 has been, packed with constant LEGO activity. There’s no better time to get a companion guide to your LEGO life than now, so Blocks magazine has been making sure that subscribers get as many perks as possible. Here are some of the things we’ve introduced in 2021 to make sure print subscribers know just how much we appreciate their support.

To get these benefits yourself, take out a subscription now and lock in the current price – it’s ridiculously good value compared to buying single issues.

The digital back catalogue

We’re always looking to add value for Blocks subscribers. It became apparent that even those readers who’ve been with us since day one wouldn’t want to flick through more than 80 back issues to find a certain feature, so we decided to offer the entire back catalogue digitally to every print subscriber. It’s an easy way to go back and find a feature from over the years that you’d like to take a look at.

Price freeze

Many costs associated with producing Blocks magazine have increased in the past two years, including the cost of paper. We had to increase the cover price earlier this year to reflect this, putting an issue of Blocks at a still competitive £5.99 in shops. For the duration of 2021 though, we froze the prices of print subscriptions, making them even better value than before.

Discounted merchandise

There are some fun items we like to offer and they’re cheaper for subscribers than anyone else. The Blocks Christmas Minifigure 2021 and the BIONICLE 20th Anniversary poster both have discount codes that subscribers can use.

New Blocks tees

Traditionally, Blocks t-shirts come in blue, blue or blue. Now though we have four different colours to select from and they’re even available in subscription packages so you can save some money. Each tee still comes with a classic Blocks Minifigure.

Improved paper quality

We further increased the quality of the paper that Blocks magazine is printed on, to make reading it more pleasant and so that the images are presented in the best way possible.

The £1,000 prize draw

If you’re reading this before December 23, you still have the chance to win a £1,000 gift card for the LEGO Store and LEGO.com this Christmas by subscribing to Blocks. It’s our way of offering big extra prizes to our readers this holiday season. We gave away dozens of LEGO sets in 2021 and each month during 2022 we’ll continue to offer the latest LEGO prizes.

We’re keen to hear about what else you’d love to get as a Blocks reader or subscriber, so be sure to share your feedback. We can’t action everything, but we’ll always listen and take suggestions from our readers into account.

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