How to make a LEGO Star Wars Hoth display on a budget

What if you can’t afford LEGO Star Wars 75313 AT-AT? Or what if you’ve just bought it and want some models to complement it? You can build a LEGO Hoth display from The Empire Strikes Back without breaking the bank – here’s how…

It’s big, it’s grey, and it definitely has maximum firepower. 75313 AT-AT is the next LEGO Star Wars model to enter the Ultimate Collector’s Series (UCS), but it’s got a price tag to make even Admiral Piett nervous. Not to mention trying to display the enormous Walker would probably require a house extension. So, for fans looking to recreate Hoth in a more budget-friendly style, what are your options? 

Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, has you covered better than an ion shield. Here’s a list of amazing Hoth-inspired LEGO sets that aren’t just Snowspeeders! 

75288 AT-AT (2021)

Nothing says Hoth more than an AT-AT and this latest minifigure-scale release doesn’t carry the price tag of its much larger sibling. That doesn’t mean it’s not as good though. An interesting build is combined with a movie-accurate model that’s sturdy enough to survive a battle in the living room. Plus it has plenty of LEGO characters for role-play, with a great selection of minifigures and a white Speeder Bike for the Snowtroopers. 

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75306 Imperial Probe Droid (2021)

Maybe you just want a touch of Hoth rather than a full-scale display? If so, then 75306 Imperial Probe Droid could be the set you’re looking for. It perfectly captures the multiple beady eyes of the machine, including its many arms and transparent elements to imitate flashing lights. In fact all it needs is the metallic clicking noises to make it as menacing as the one from The Empire Strikes Back. 

75298 AT-AT vs. Tauntaun Microfighters (2021)

As a pocket-money set then 75298 has a lot to offer. A tiny AT-AT goes head-to-head with an adorable brick-built tauntaun, and whilst it may not be realistic in any way, this set is certainly a lot of fun. It’s also the most cost effective way to get Luke Skywalker in his Hoth uniform and an AT-AT pilot as minifigures! 

75203 Hoth Medical Chamber (2018)

This is one that you will have to go onto the resale market for, but it’s certainly worth it as one of the most unusual Hoth sets the LEGO designers have created. There’s the famous bacta tank that Luke Skywalker had to take a dip in after a close encounter with a Wampa. Plus the comfy bunk where Princess Leia delivered her brilliant ‘nerf herder’ insult to Han Solo is included. Not to mention the exclusive medical droids – who doesn’t need a 2-1B in their minifigure collection?  

75138 Hoth Attack (2016) 

Speaking of the Corellian smuggler, 75138 Hoth Attack is one of the easiest ways to get Han Solo in his Hoth gear. The LEGO designers opted for a screen-accurate dark brown parka, even if fans were maybe hoping for dark blue. This coat debate goes back a long while (it’s certainly worth a Google), with even Hasbro producing both colours on action figures just to appease fans. It’s got everything for a mini Battle of Hoth though, from an outnumbered Snowtrooper to a realistic rebel cannon. 

75049 Snowspeeder (2014) 

Okay, so we couldn’t make a list about Hoth LEGO sets without including a snowspeeder. One of the most accurate is 72049 from 2014, which really captured the angles of the nifty speeder well and has a working tow cable. This particular version comes with Luke and the ill-fated Day Ralter, but if you don’t mind some extra stickers on the model, then you can also find these two in 75259 20th Anniversary Edition Snowspeeder. 

That’s our top picks for currently available LEGO sets for making your own Hoth display, but 2022 is promising to be a snowstorm of new Star Wars releases – so make sure to keep your Probe Droid on the lookout! 

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