The best details in the new LEGO City 2022 sets

With a new wave of LEGO City sets slated to come out on January 1, 2022, Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, is taking a closer look at the many new, fun, and exciting details that make this selection of LEGO sets stand out from the rest. 

LEGO City has undergone several name changes in the theme’s evolution. From 1978’s Legoland Town, to 2003’s Lego World City, and finally to 2005’s LEGO City, which is used today. Under a variety of names LEGO City has always been a staple LEGO theme, under which the LEGO Group showcases continued innovation. This brand new for 2022 wave of City sets has it all – recolours of existing parts, new moulds, and even a brand-new LEGO colour!


This brand-new splat piece can be found throughout multiple sets, from 60320 Fire Station and 60321 Fire Brigade to 60314 Ice Cream Truck Police Chase. This isn’t a single use mould – in this very wave of sets it is used as- blasts of water, squished eggs, melting ice cream, and ‘secret sauce’ (that has turned into more of a toxic sludge). Available in green, pink, blue, and trans-blue, this new piece has a fun and animated effect. 

New Colour

The brand new yellow colour that accents all the new fire and police vehicles has not officially been given a name yet. This new colour, which could be called highlighter yellow, neon yellow or bright yellow can be found throughout the wave primarily in police and fire vehicles as an accent colour. It’s also found in the form of a minifigure torso in the new LEGO Monkie Kid sets, such as 80033 Evil Macaque’s Mech. 

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Some of the most exciting LEGO elements in these City sets are the animals. 60328 Beach Lifeguard Station includes a re-colour of the turtle piece, as well as a red crab. But some of the most exciting brand-new animals are the squirrel and the kitten. There are a total of four red squirrels spread across multiple sets, making it the most common. The sole grey squirrel of the wave can be found in 60329 School Day, while 60326 Picnic in the park includes a red as well as the single black squirrel of the wave. The brand-new kittens are also sprinkled throughout the wave in a variety of colours from grey to white but can only be found in City fire sets. 

Hats and Hair

There are many noteworthy hat and hair elements that come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. 60319 Fire Rescue & Police Chase includes not only the brand new dual molded fire helmet, but long hair in green for its female criminal. 60314 includes two ice cream suits, one blue and one pink. To complete the ice cream suit collection, 60328 includes a green version. The LEGO group has been using more and more textured hair, and 60330 Hospital comes with a good variety. There is a boy with curly orange hair, and a man with a slightly different curly hair piece in black. He even features added hair printing on the back of his head. Even a funny clown as an afro in yellow for the first time. 

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Cruising Criminals

The criminal minifigures all have unique and interesting vehicles to make a quick getaway, rob a bank, or do whatever criminals in LEGO City do. From 60319 Police Mobile Command Truck’s egg shooting tractor to 60317 Police Chase at the Bank’s bucket truck with it’s ‘clean getaways’ sticker, the criminal vehicle selection is as inventive as ever. A standout vehicle is the garbage truck from 60316 Police Station. The truck’s muted red and black colours contrast with the green garbage container, and other than a small sticker on the hood, this can fit perfectly into any City display. 

Even with more police and fire sets, the LEGO Group manages to keep the Lego City line fresh with new parts, designs, and concepts. All the sets shown will be released January 1, 2022 – a perfect way to spend some Christmas money. Looking for more ways to enhance your LEGO City? Find out how you can incorporate DC Super Heroes sets here, and Marvel Super Heroes sets here

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