The perfect stocking filler for a LEGO fan this Christmas

Even the cheap LEGO sets are expensive now! Luckily, there are some other great Christmas stocking stuffers for LEGO fans that will surprise them and won’t have you crossing your fingers that they don’t already have what you’ve bought them.

Every Christmas, you’ll experience the same thing when buying a stocking filler for a LEGO fan – ‘how much?!’ Even small LEGO sets are pricey, but Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, has a great option! 100 Incredible LEGO Builds is a 132 page magazine packed with LEGO builds from talented builders from all over the world to give you inspiration. There are spaceships, cars, castles, Star Wars builds, Batman builds, Harry Potter builds and more!

This special magazine is guest edited buy the original LEGO Masters Brickmaster and LEGO Head of Design Matthew Ashton. He’s the same guy who came up with Collectible Minifigures, worked on The LEGO Movie and its sequel and had his hands on hundreds of LEGO sets over the years.

When Matthew comes along, he brings the LEGO design team with him – so this amazing band of creatives provide commentary on the creations found within the pages of 100 Incredible LEGO Builds:

  • Design Master Wes Talbott
  • Head of Design Governance Tara Wike
  • Senior Designer Adam Grabowski
  • Design Manager Sam Johnson
  • Design Master Mike Psiaki
  • Designer Ollie Gregory
  • Design Master Marcos Bessa
  • Designer Laura Perron
  • Senior Designer Mark Stafford
  • Design Manager Fiorella Groves
  • Designer Chris McVeigh
  • Head of Design (New Business) William Thorogood
  • Designer George Gilliatt
  • Experience Design Manager Specialist Nicolaas Vás
  • Designer Jme Wheeler
  • Senior Designer Justin Ramsden

If you want an even cheaper option or you want more great LEGO stocking fillers, then check out the full range of Blocks single issues. They are sure to keep the LEGO fan in your life quiet while they’re waiting for Christmas dinner!

For a bigger Christmas gift, check out the great value subscription packages availablethey keep giving all year round.

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