Awesome LEGO bags for the discerning adult fan

On the move and still in that building groove? Here’s a look at the LEGO Group’s line of backpacks, bags, and totes so that you can show your love of the brick wherever you go.

The LEGO Group has a focus on more than just everyone’s favourite plastic brick. Adidas shoes and a clothing line from Levi’s Jeans come to mind – but what about younger fans just looking to bring their lunch and agendas to school? Or adults looking for an option that’s easier to buy and collect? What’s in a bag, anyway? Whatever you want to use it for, it’s best to avoid transporting the massive 75331 The Razor Crest, fully built or in pieces (losing pieces is heavy stuff – almost as heavy as the bag itself).

Older bags and backpacks tended to be based on LEGO play themes like Dino Attack and BIONICLE, while most newer bags tend to also feature classic LEGO imagery and icons. Many of the LEGO Group’s modern backpack offerings have less visual noise. Compare 4499347 BIONICLE Air Light School Rucksack from 2006 to 5007648 NINJAGO Printed Basic Backpack – a more simple look versus a Visorak web-covered binder-carrying machine. The difference is night and day.

Some are available to buy at, while you can spend points on others as part od’s LEGO Insiders program. For example, 5007936 Cross-body Bag is available for 4,800 points and is exclusive to the program (more on that bag later). While it takes a bit of cash to buy back a LEGO backpack, it’ll save points hoarders plenty of change on buying a new backpack for their child or adding a new piece to their collection. Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, is taking a look at some of these exciting and often luxe bags – whether you’re a budding young fan of LEGO or an adult enthusiast.

Backpacks – bricking back

The LEGO Group sells a multitude of backpacks, including a staple – their LEGO Heritage Classic Backpack. It comes in three designs – including 5005811 LEGO Minifigure Colour Me that can be brought to life with fabric markers. It’s a novel concept that looks fantastic, whether you colour it in or leave it in black and white. There are even secret bricks on the back support, straps, and inside the bag’s many compartments. Adults may even be able to use this bag as an electronics carrier.

For devout members of the Wu Crew, young LEGO fans can show off their support with the 5007648 NINJAGO Printed Basic Backpack from NINJAGO: Dragons Rising. Children will find its use of logos, symbols, and typography exciting. Adult and teen NINJAGO fans may have a better time treating it as a collectible, but to each their own.

Upgrade your LEGO hobby! If you take out a subscription to Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, you’ll get each issue first and at a discount, plus other perks including a free digital subscription and the chance to win LEGO prizes every month.

Cross-body bags – the over the shoulder LEGO bricks holder

Not all bags are large and cumbersome – some are best for hauling snacks, coloured pencils, and LEGO collectible minifigure packets. As mentioned before, 5007936 Cross-Body Bag is a LEGO Insiders exclusive. It has three zip-up compartments and measures 25cm by 20cm, making it perfect for those smaller supplies kids can’t do without. The minifigure blueprint design on the front looks spectacular, too.

Of course, you don’t need 4,800 LEGO Insiders points to have the latest in LEGO cross-body fashion. Children will love 5006491 Crossbody Handbag – Retro Logo, which is suitable for three years of age and older. As expected, it features seven vintage LEGO logos, as well as the modern LEGO logo on the opposite side. It’s water resistant, too – perfect if you accidentally spill water on your bag. Just don’t bring it swimming, though come to think of it, most LEGO bricks float.

Miscellaneous Bags – Just another brick in the bag

The LEGO Group knows there are teen and adult fans who would love a LEGO bag but aren’t looking for a cross-body or school backpack. Enter their line of miscellaneous bags – from the LEGO insiders exclusive LEGO Cooler Bag for 3,500 points to the various hip packs, there’s a ton to love about the LEGO Group’s selection.

One thing that lets you show your LEGO fandom in a casual manner are tote bags, such as 5005587 LEGO Minifigure Beach Tote made from sturdy recycled polyester mesh. It’s great for the beach, but it could also work for other summer excursions. As you can tell, the LEGO Group has ensured their selection has a lot of variety for LEGO fans of all ages. You could even say they’ve got it in the bag.

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