What gift do you get for a LEGO fanatic?

Christmas is coming – and through the year, there are birthdays, Valentine’s, graduations, anniversaries, big achievements and plenty of other occasions for gift-giving. But what do you get for a LEGO fanatic? When you look in their LEGO room and see it full of amazing models, it seems they have everything! Here are some ideas.

Here is a list of gifts that you can get for a LEGO fanatic, with notes about which might be best for younger or older fans.

Nostalgic LEGO sets

You’ll have to check their LEGO collection for this one – but if the LEGO fanatic in your life is an adult, then you could get them one of the nostalgic LEGO sets that will remind of childhood. 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle is perfect for Castle fans, 10497 Galaxy Explorer is for those who grew up with Space and 10320 Eldorado Fortress is for LEGO fans who still love Pirates. These provide a great connection to beloved models from the 1980s and 1990s.

Festive LEGO sets

No matter what the age of the LEGO fanatic in your life, they probably don’t have the very latest sets (unless they’re really quick) – the seasonal sets, like the Christmas range, are sure to raise a smile and people are less likely to buy these for themselves. 10325 Alpine Lodge is the latest in the Winter Village Collection and 10293 Santa’s Visit is a great choice too. For Star Wars fans, there’s even a special Christmas set this year – 40658 Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama.

A subscription to Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine

If you’d rather avoid the risk of buying a LEGO set they already have, then you should choose something LEGO-related that isn’t a set. Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, is written by LEGO fans for LEGO fans to enrich their brick-based life.

Each 116-page magazine contains more depth than you can find on websites and YouTube, getting into LEGO topics in a way that will appeal to the really serious LEGO fanatic. Each magazine includes insider interviews with LEGO designers, guides for building original models, articles on LEGO history, reviews of the latest LEGO sets and much more.

Subscription packages save you money, include a FREE digital subscription and include entry into a FREE LEGO prize draw each month. There are special gift options that come with storage binders and t-shirts. While the magazine is written with adults in mind, there’s nothing inappropriate inside, so it will also be suitable for children who really love LEGO building and enjoy reading (and might even get them reading more!).

LEGO gift card

A gift card is never the most inventive option, but it take some of the anxiety out of choosing the wrong thing. LEGO.com sells gift cards that cna be used at the website, but can also be used at official LEGO brand stores – so the LEGO fanatic in your life can still have the experience of going into a shop and physically choosing something. Everyone has great memories of going shopping after Christmas!

LEGO key rings

This is more of a stocking filler or a ‘just becase’ gift, but there is a great range of LEGO key rings available at LEGO.com. Each one is a minifigure or a brick fused to a classic metal key chain, so it’s all sturdily attached. The LEGO fanatic in your life can then get a smile every time they pull out their keys and see a LEGO interpretation of Darth Vader, Captain Marvel or Corn Cob Guy staring back at them.

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