The biggest LEGO Disney sets

The LEGO Disney theme wished upon a star for its biggest sets, which are as magical as a sprinkling pixie dust…

Once upon a time, when the LEGO Disney theme began, it centred solely on princesses and their animal companions. It wasn’t really a celebration of girl power though, and much like the early days of Friends some fans felt it leaned into too many stereotypes. Thankfully, as easily as waving a wand, the theme dropped the ‘Princess’ from its title and now captures more sides to the animated films in colourful playsets full of working features and massive display models, offering something for Disney fans of all ages. 

From Buzz Lightyear’s XL-15 spaceship to the enchanted house of the Madrigals, LEGO Disney keeps diversifying alongside the movies. Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, is grabbing a horse drawn carriage to gallop through the biggest so far…

10. 21303 Wall-E – 677 pieces

As the last robot working to clean up the Earth, Wall-E spends his days looking for odd trinkets and helping his cockroach friend. His loyalty and compassion, not to mention range of human emotions, is what makes him such a fan favourite. And who better to make a LEGO version than then Pixar animator and now director Angus MacLane? Oozing with a robotic charm that makes him absolutely adorable, 21303 Wall-E captures the essence that makes Wall-E so special. Even his cockroach buddy is represented using a 1×2 plate and lever, while Wall-E himself holds the plant that is the key to humanity coming home. 

9. 40521 Mini Disney The Haunted Mansion – 680 pieces

How can a micro-scale model feature on this list? Well, the LEGO Disney theme hasn’t been going huge for all that long, which is how 40521 Mini Disney The Haunted Mansion manages to sneakily haunt its spot here. It is also a testament to the amount of detail included in this model based on the classic antebellum architecture. The pillars ingeniously use LEGO candle elements, sand green window panes suggest the balconies, and bullion bars recreate the tower at the top. Waiting to greet the next haunter is the minifigure butler wearing a Disneyland accurate costume. 

8. 43205 Ultimate Adventure Castle – 698 pieces

As its name suggest 43205 Ultimate Adventure Castle is all about Disney castles from across the most iconic fairytales. It’s a real mash up of different styles and colours that work in a very eclectic way. On the ground floor there’s room for the sea to call Moana while Snow White does some baking. Rapunzel is naturally upstairs painting in the tower. Pua and Pascal are sharing afternoon tea together, and Ariel is probably counting her thingamabobs. It’s currently only the second Disney set to ever feature Snow White, so it’s a must-have for fans of the animated classic. 

7. 41148 Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace – 701 pieces

After freezing the music charts to continuously play ‘Let It Go’ absolutely everywhere, it’s no surprise that Elsa’s magic also influenced the LEGO designers. 41148 Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace, later rereleased as 43172 Elsa’s Ice Palace, isn’t actually based on Frozen though, but rather the short film Frozen Fever. It’s a more playful take on Elsa’s snowy home, featuring plenty of trans-blue and turquoise pieces to suggest all of the ice. Elsa’s cold is wreaking havoc on her powers, the snowgies use printed LEGO ball elements for the ultimate cute effect and the shocked expression on Marshmallow’s face at having to babysit is perfection. 

6. 21317 Steamboat Willie – 751 pieces

In 1928 a little mouse made his debut on the big screen and changed the world of animation forever. That mouse, of course, is Mickey Mouse. Steamboat Willie was the first time that an animation had synced sound, as Mickey whistled a snappy tune. Amazingly 21317 Steamboat Willie celebrated Mickey’s 90th birthday and 2023 now marks the 100th anniversary of Walt Disney Studios. It’s a beautiful ode to that early animation, with shiny silver printing across many of the tiles and both minifigures. It’s also the only monochrome LEGO set yet released.

5. 21326 Winnie the Pooh – 1,265 pieces 

Known for his love of honey and having some surprisingly sage advice that’s quoted just about everywhere, Winnie the Pooh would definitely agree that the Hundred Acre Wood looks sweet in LEGO bricks. Inspired by his family’s love of the classic children’s stories, LEGO fan designer Ben Adler decided to create a play set that could be enjoyed just as much as the illustrated books. Recreating Pooh’s iconic woodland home, 21326 Winnie the Pooh is packed with references and beehives galore, along with uniquely moulded minifigures for the lovable bear and all his friends.

4. 43197 The Ice Castle – 1,709 pieces 

It seems the designers just couldn’t let it go when it came to Frozen and 43197 towers over its predecessors. Elsa’s ice palace for one is resplendent in white, light aqua, and plenty of exclusive transparent blue pieces. Interestingly, although it looks like a display model on the exterior, inside is still meant for play. The only movie accurate parts are the signature staircase and icy chandelier, while the rest of the rooms use creative license for some interactivity. 43197 The Ice Castle is also the only LEGO model of this scale to feature mini-dolls rather than minifigures. 

3. 43179 Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse – 1,739 pieces

It all started with a mouse and 43179 Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse is probably not the typical characters with which fans are so familiar. These versions of Mickey and Minnie are inspired by the vintage animated style from the 1930s and early 1940s, so use a much simpler and bolder colour palette. This retro vibe is channeled throughout the model through call-backs to this time period, including the stands being based on film strip and Mickey’s plate camera. It is a gorgeous model and a little added touch is that Mickey and Minnie’s signatures are printed on exclusive tiles. 

2. 71044 Disney Train & Station – 2,925 pieces

Chugging merrily along the tracks of Walt Disney World, the Disney Train takes visitors on a relaxing tour around the Magic Kingdom. Based on a narrow-gauge steam engine from around the 1920s, the set accurately recreates the different carriages and the shape of the locomotive. Meanwhile in the station there are references to classic Disneyland poster designs from across the decades and even a miniature version of Cinderella’s castle. 71044 Disney Train & Station is also the set that finally introduced Goofy to complete Mickey’s gang, and since then versions of the character have appeared in a few more models.  

1. 71040 Disney Castle – 4,080 pieces

Crowning the top of this list is possibly the most coveted and beloved LEGO Disney set of all time. Available on shelves for a whopping six years, 71040 Disney Castle sold out time and time again because of demand. And it’s no wonder really because this model is a smorgasbord of Disney delights, referencing more films than you can shake Maleficent’s staff at and with a fabulous selection of exclusive minifigures. Cinderella’s Castle is a beautiful display model from every angle, with enough space for all the Disney Collectible Minifigures, and there’s even a tiny frog version of Princess Tiana. 

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