What’s coming from the LEGO Group in 2023?

It’s a new year and a new start, which means it’s time to catalogue the LEGO collection after those holiday additions and redecorate displays for a fresh look.

Already there have been plenty of LEGO news and the spring waves of sets are arriving on store shelves. The LEGO Group has announced some of the changes coming in 2023, including the push for more eco-friendly packaging, along with a complete update to the Friends cast and new The Lord of the Rings sets.

So, what is happening for the LEGO Group in 2023? Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, is examining and speculating what to expect this year…

Friends revamped 

After celebrating their 10th anniversary in style last year, the LEGO Friends designers are more determined than ever to make this a theme for everyone. Gone are the all purple boxes and instead the packaging is a mix of turquoise and yellow, with a hint of purple. Heartlake City is expanding into more styles and new districts. Plus, the original Friends cast are growing up and moving on, making way for a new set of characters to diversify and represent the theme. You can find out all about this new generation of Friends in our exclusive interview in Issue 99

Adventure is calling? 

With everyone’s favourite archaeologist returning to the big screen in Indiana Jones & the Dial of Destiny this summer, there’s the possibility of the license being taken up once again by the LEGO Group. Other companies, including Hasbro, have already started revealing tie-in merchandise, so it would make a lot of sense. Either the designers could take inspiration from the original set of films or focus only on this new adventure. 

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A 40th anniversary 

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi arrived in cinemas in 1983, which means that 2023 is the film’s 40th anniversary. With the LEGO Star Wars theme sometimes marking these occasions, there is likely going to be a commemorative set or two. Who needs an excuse to have more Ewok-based models? The film features so many key locations and ships that it could even be the inspiration for this year’s Ultimate Collector Series model. 

Pushing for paper 

If you’ve built a LEGO set recently you may have gotten a little slip of paper inside the box explaining the possibility of a mixture of plastic and paper bags inside. Although there haven’t been many reports of fully paper bags yet, that’s going to start changing in 2023. As part of a more sustainable approach to packaging the LEGO Group have thoroughly tested these paper replacements to ensure that they’re up to the task. In Issue 99 we take a look at this fascinating project. 

Not all those who wander are lost…

LEGO Lord of the Rings has returned. Sort of. At the moment the theme only includes three sets of BrickHeadz, but there is room for plenty more. After the success around The Rings of Power, there is plenty of buzz from hobbit and elf fans everywhere, so any Lord of the Rings sets would prove popular. While it is unlikely to focus on the new television series, Rivendell may be on the horizon. 

This is just some of what to look forward to appearing, or possibly appearing, for the LEGO Group this year and it is only January. There are bound to be plenty of surprises. What are you most hoping to see in the brick in 2023? Let Blocks know on any of our social media channels.

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