LEGO Indiana Jones and Adventurers in Blocks magazine Issue 104

Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, is putting Indiana Jones, the world-famous cinematic adventurer, on the cover of Issue 104 – and his lesser-known LEGO cousin, Johnny Thunder. Inside you’ll find incredible new insight into how these themes were designed and developed.

The latest issue of Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, is available to order now and will be with subscribers any day now. Issue 104 will be available in UK shops from June 1 and in US stores the following month.

Anyone who takes out a print subscription before May 29 can get THREE FREE back issues of the magazine AND a FREE poster! This is in addition to the free issues that are included in the subscription and the free digital subscription that comes with it. It’s a real bargain and is only available for a few days – so order now.

One lucky subscriber will win 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol – the draw will include everyone who has subscribed to Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, by July 5.

Inside Issue 104 you’ll find a visit to 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol with Design Master Harald Pofahl, who explains how he created its intricate mechanisms. Then Niels Milan Pedersen, the man who made millions of childhoods more exciting, reveals how he was involved in creating LEGO Adventurers. Never-before-seen concept art shows some of the directions the theme could have gone in, but didn’t.

There’s also a focus on the new LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series 75355 X-wing Starfighter this month, with a review of the set and an interview about it with Design Manager Michael Lee Stockwell. Model Designer Jme Wheeler reveals what Star Wars Celebration is like as a LEGO professional and there’s a handy guide to what’s coming next from the galaxy far, far away.

Bio-cup is one of the biggest and trickiest LEGO community challenges that takes place and Geneva Durand is taking you inside the contest this month. BIONICLE parts may look confusing, but it turns out they can be used for some absolutely ingenious creations.

Blockstalgia heads to classic Town to see what everyday jobs looked like – and even though the tasks were ordinary, the sets were fantastic. Speaking of the ordinary being interesting, there’s a look at the evolution of LEGO tree elements – seriously, this is much more intriguing than it sounds.

There’s much more within the 116-page LEGO magazine, including Guardians of the Galaxy set reviews, the top 10 wacky LEGO sets, the 10 best LEGO Star Wars Microfighters and a look under the hood of 42156 PEUGEOT 9X8 24H Le Mans Hybrid Hypercar.

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