How many LEGO magazines are published each year?

Blocks is the monthly LEGO magazine and there are 12 issues published each year – plus at least one extra special issue! Find out everything you need to know about how many times you can get your LEGO magazine fix each year.

There are many different LEGO magazines, including the free LEGO Life magazine that anyone can sign up for. If you’re an adult LEGO fan though, or a child who is really into the brick, or a LEGO loving family, then you need something a bit more substantial! That is where Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine comes in.

Every year, Blocks publishes 12 monthly issues that you can order individually or as part of a money-saving subscription. In addition, Blocks publishes special extra issues like 100 Incredible LEGO Builds and the LEGO 90th Anniversary special. Look out for new one-off issues dropping throughout the year – they make for a great small gift!

Monthly issues of Blocks are 116 pages and include a variety of content, no matter what type of LEGO fan you are. If you love to know what the latest LEGO sets are like, then you can read expert reviews – no YouTube sensationalism here, just clear, honest guidance as to whether this will be a good set for you. If you love to know what LEGO designers do every day and how they make the models, then you’ll love the exclusive designer interviews we have every month. If you prefer building new creations, then you can follow our exclusive build instructions or get inspired by our spotlights on the best models from the community.

The quickest way to get Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, is to take out a print subscription. You get the magazine before it arrives in stores; in the UK, you get it a few days before it lands on UK shelves; elsewhere in the world, you get it a few days after it shows up in UK store – but a couple of weeks before it arrives in international stores.

Print subscribers also get a free digital subscription. The digital issue launches on the first Thursday of every month – so international subscribers can read it while waiting for a paper copy. That digital subscription also includes every numbered issue of the magazine ever published.

Additional perks for subscribers include discounted prices, free entry into a monthly prize draw and select discounts on Blocks merchandise. Check out subscription deals here.

Other LEGO magazines are available that include small LEGO set son the front cover, but those magazines are very thin and for a younger audience. Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, is for the deep and dedicated fans of the brick. If you want to try it out, check out the selection of back issues that are available to buy here.

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