100 Incredible LEGO Builds – Blocks magazine Special Edition


100 Incredible LEGO Builds is a special magazine that is sure to inspire your next LEGO build! It is packed with 100 of the best LEGO creations from around the world and is guest edited by LEGO Head of Design and LEGO Masters judge Matthew Ashton. The LEGO design team provides commentary on each model – no LEGO fan can afford to miss this celebration of brick creativity!


Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, is celebrating the incredible creativity of LEGO fans worldwide. 100 Incredible LEGO Builds features some of the most beautiful, technically impressive and inventive models created by passionate builders across 132 pages.

All prices include delivery. This is a pre-order product; magazines will ship from November 28.

LEGO Head of Design and LEGO Masters judge Matthew Ashton guest edits 100 Incredible LEGO Builds, as he and the LEGO design team provide commentary on each build – you’ll learn what catches the eye of design professionals working at the LEGO Group. They are the people designing the LEGO sets you, love, so they know better than anyone what makes a model awesome.

Whether you love Batman, Harry Potter, Star Wars, the natural world, futuristic cityscapes or replica cars, 100 Incredible LEGO Builds is packed with a range of subject matter. Every page presents something different – and it’s not just huge models either; there are plenty of builds that show how just a few bricks can create something special.

Blocks magazine is marking 100 issues of the monthly magazine for LEGO fans, and this is the perfect way to get the party started – by celebrating the ingenuity of the community with a special guest editor and special guest contributors.

This bonus issue is not part of an annual subscription.