Can adults get LEGO magazines?

Find out how you can get a completely free LEGO magazine four times a year – even if you’re an adult! There are more LEGO magazines than that though, including one specifically for adults.

LEGO Life is the official free magazine that you can sign up for at You can get LEGO Life magazine as an adult, but you might need to be a bit creative in how you fill in your details. After all, the magazine is aimed at children aged between five years old and nine years old. It includes comics, puzzles and inspiration to build new things, as well as lots of pictures of the LEGO sets of course.

There’s another LEGO magazine though, one that is specifically for adults. Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, is written for adult LEGO fans who are deep into the world of LEGO bricks as well as those who are new to the LEGO hobby and want to learn more.

Every month, Blocks offers insider interviews with the professional LEGO designers who create the amazing models that fans collect and build, exclusive instructions showing how to build new LEGO models with your bricks, reviews of the latest LEGO sets so you know which ones you’d like to buy and special nostalgia features that look back at classic LEGO themes like Space, Castle and Pirates.

If you’re enjoying your LEGO hobby but feel that the online resources are a bit shallow and surface level or if you’ve tried the LEGO magazines that have a little set on the front and find them a bit thin, then it’s definitely wirth giving Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, a try. It’s 116 pages every single month, so there’s plenty of space to deliver really deep, informative content.

You can buy a single copy of the magazine to try it out or dive straight into a great value subscription package. Here is what Blocks subscribers get:

  • A saving of AT LEAST £28.00 a year compared to buying single copies of the magazine
  • Entry into a monthly prize draw – if you subscribe this weekend, you’ll have a chance of winning 76252 BatcaveShadow Box (worth £344.99) AND 43222 Disney Castle (worth £344.99), then a new prize every month!
  • A FREE digital subscription, so you can also read the magazine on your device
  • Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, FIRST – before it arrives in shops
  • Discounts on select merchandise in the Blocks shop

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