Five LEGO sets perfect for the winter season

Blocks shovels away the snow to uncover five LEGO sets perfect for the winter season…

The days are getting shorter, but that means plenty of time to build new LEGO sets. After a day out in the bitter cold and snow, there’s little better than curling up under a cozy blanket with hot cocoa in hand, and a LEGO set ready to be built waiting on the table. Most of the LEGO Group’s snowy offerings are tied to Christmas and the holiday season, but there are still plenty of options for some brick-built winter fun after the holidays come to an end. Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, is braving the cold in search of five great LEGO sets for winter.

60366 Ski and Climbing Center

60366 Ski and Climbing Center offers minifigures a chance to get outside during the cold winter months and enjoy some snowy sports. The bulk of the build is taken up by the ski shop, which offers multiple stories full of everything a minifigure could need to have some fun in the snow. Taking the elevator up to the top floor lets minifigures step outside and onto the slopes, built right on top of the shop. There’s plenty of options to conquer the mighty hill, from skis and snowboards to snow tubes and bikes. The side of the building also has a rock wall for minifigures to scale if the elevator isn’t quite their speed.

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60378 Arctic Explorer Truck and Mobile Lab

60378 Arctic Explorer Truck and Mobile Lab is built to withstand even the harshest of weather and keep its crew safe during their exploration. The truck comes with a mighty set of treads and snowplough, promising to cross the harsh arctic wastes with ease. The mobile lab is fairly small but still comes packed with details — there’s a set of computers for the minifigures to log their findings as well as two beds for when they need a rest. A little arctic scenery is included as well, plus a polar bear figure and two cubs.

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41756 Holiday Ski Slope and Café

A love of skiing is shared by LEGO City and Heartlake City — so both need space for slopes. 41756 Holiday Ski Slope and Café does the job in LEGO Friends’ Heartlake City. It follows a similar blueprint as 60366 but puts its own spin on the concept. The main building still has the slope built right on its roof, but this trail comes lined with snow-covered trees and rocks. The café utilizes some great techniques to create a log-cabin like façade on the upper level and some nice stonework on the lower. The mini-‘dolls don’t get an elevator, rather a curved staircase going up the side of the building. Even if you already own 60366, 41756 offers enough differences in its build to warrant picking it up and expanding your LEGO winter resort.

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60376 Arctic Explorer Snowmobile

Sometimes a small LEGO set is just as good as a bigger one, and that’s the case with 60376 Arctic Explorer Snowmobile. The set uses just 70 pieces for a compact snowmobile and a bit of snowy terrain. The included minifigure is bundled up and ready with her camera to photograph the three animals hanging out by the water — a seal, a seal pup and fish. 60376 offers some great variety all packed together at an affordable price.

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41760 Igloo Holiday Adventure

While the Arctic Explorers are out researching, the mini dolls are enjoying a relaxing weekend in 41760 Igloo Holiday Adventure. The 491 pieces are put to good use, creating a full igloo, a waterfall with pool, and sled pulled by a pair of dog figures. The igloo can open up to reveal a cozy little room perfect for enjoying some hot cocoa after a fun day of adventuring on the dogsled. If the cold gets to be too much, there’s always the option to take a break in the steam pool and warm up.

All the listed sets are available now on and sure to add some wintery fun to your LEGO collection.

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