Is Blocks magazine the right Christmas gift for the LEGO fan in your life?

A subscription to Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, is a gift that keeps giving all year round. But is it right for the LEGO fan in your life? Here’s some information to help you decide if your LEGO-loving friend or relative will enjoy the magazine.

Subscriptions to Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, are cheaper than buying single issues and mean that the magazine is delivered to your door every month.

Do they like LEGO?

Obviously, the most important thing is that the person you’re shopping for loves LEGO bricks! If they only like LEGO bricks a little bit, then this isn’t for them.

But – if they are getting back into the LEGO hobby and have started buying themselves more boxes, then Blocks could be a good way for them to start to find out more about the modern LEGO landscape. If they are super deep into the LEGO fandom, then Blocks will definitely enhance the hobby for them.

What age range is Blocks magazine aimed at?

Blocks is written for adult LEGO enthusiasts. The magazine goes deep in a way that adults can appreciate. It would also be suitable for older children too, if they have aged out of the official LEGO magazines. To see if it’s right for your child, perhaps order a single copy and see how they get on with the content.

What is in Blocks magazine?

There’s a range of content in Blocks magazine. There are different aspects to the LEGO hobby; they like collecting LEGO sets, building creatively, remembering classic sets… so we cover all of these different areas. There are behind-the-scenes features looking at how LEGO models are designed, guides for building your own creations and nostalgic look backs at sets from yesteryear – all of that LEGO goodness is packed into each edition.

Does Blocks magazine focus on classic LEGO sets?

There are always features in Blocks magazine looking at the LEGO sets fans grew up with. Whether it’s Space and Castle from the 1980s, retro sets from the 1990s like Pirates and Western or the beloved BIONICLE, we’re finding new ways to look at some of the best sets that give readers the warm, fuzzy feeling.

Does Blocks magazine have information you can’t get online?

Most definitely! The beauty of a monthly print magazine is that Blocks can deep dive into particular topics, getting into the detail. We have exclusive LEGO interviews, original research and completely new ways to look back at classic tops. Plus build guides that you can’t find anywhere else!

What do you get with a Blocks magazine subscription?

There are 12 month and 24 month print subscriptions available. As well as the paper copies of Blocks magazine every month, you’ll get a free digital subscription that includes every edition we’ve ever published. You’ll also have the chance to win a LEGO prize every single month, plus discounts on select Blocks merchandise.

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