Five great LEGO sets for Christmas 2023

With Christmas on its way, Blocks is taking a look at five LEGO sets perfect for the holiday season…

Christmas is unquestionably the LEGO Group’s favourite holiday. Every Christmas season is filled with new releases, from the annual Winter Village offering to more than enough gift with purchase sets to overload any stocking. The Winter Village collection is typically what draws the attention of most fans — with good reason. Each year sees a lovingly designed building with the perfect mix of snow and holiday cheer.

But there’s more to a LEGO Christmas than just the Winter Village. Plenty of other sets are on shelves with just as much Christmas spirit — and often at a fraction of the price. Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, is hopping in Santa’s sleigh in search of five LEGO sets to stash under the Christmas tree.

40642 Gingerbread Ornaments

40642 Gingerbread Ornaments is a far cry from the traditional LEGO Christmas ornaments; instead of one micro build encased in a plastic ball, 40642 comes with three gingerbread people and plenty of extra pieces to customise them. The core build of the gingerbread people includes plenty of studs to attach decorations to as well as a hook to hang them up on the tree. White plates and tiles replicate frosting and are perfect to add some hair atop their heads or a thick Santa beard. Other decorative elements include eyes, candies, and stars, giving plenty of options to make each gingerbread person unique.

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40640 LEGO Nutcracker

Reminiscent of 2019’s 40254 LEGO Nutcracker gift with purchase, 40640 LEGO Nutcracker makes the holiday icon more accessible for fans. 40640 has an outfit perfectly suited for Christmas, using red as the primary colour and mixing in others for extra detail. The nutcracker’s belt and hat are excellent builds, with the former making use of bucket handles and the latter employing chain elements in gold. The model is also posable — the arms can be angled at the shoulder and the mouth can open and close to recreate the functionality of real nutcrackers.

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40426 Christmas Wreath 2-in-1

A wreath may not be the first thing to come to mind when thinking about LEGO sets, but 40426 Christmas Wreath 2-in-1 is an effective brick-built version of the traditional decoration. Over 500 pieces go into building the wreath, many of which are desirable foliage elements, making 40426 a great parts pack for when the wreath isn’t up on display. The large red bow is a solid build and makes for a nice addition to the wreath when it’s hanging, which is made possible by a single small rope element with impressive strength. The set can also be converted to an advent wreath to help count down the weeks until Christmas.

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40573 Christmas Tree

The LEGO Group has made many a Christmas tree over the years — often as polybags or gift with purchases. 40573 Christmas Tree is neither, being a proper set with nearly 800 pieces. The construction of the branches will be familiar to those who have experience with LEGO Christmas trees, but the technique is common for the reason — it makes a great pine tree. There’s a variety of ornaments, including stars, hearts and candles. The base is simple but elegant, making use of some curved tiles to add some detail. Like 40426, 40573 is a 2-in-1, giving the option to build two smaller trees instead of one large model.

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40499 Santa’s Sleigh

Santa’s sleigh has had surprisingly few appearances in the brick in recent years, but 40499 Santa’s Sleigh more than makes up for that with a superb model. The sleigh is led by four specially moulded reindeer with golden reigns. The sleigh itself is red with golden highlights and comes loaded with toys — everything from a teddy bear to skis is packed and ready to deliver on Christmas Eve. Santa gets plenty of room to sit on the comfy seat as he looks through the decorated Nice List element, checking to make sure LEGO fans get just what they want for Christmas.

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