Win £7,000 or $9,000 in the LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt 

The new LEGO Insiders scheme is giving away millions of points as part of a promotion that will encourage players to interact with the new brand. 

LEGO Insiders is the new branding for LEGO VIP, with new ways to collect points helping the LEGO Group gather data about what sets people have at home. To get consumers used to the new scheme, LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt is giving away some very appealing prizes – and a lot of other prizes.

To take part, you need to login to LEGO Insiders on your phone and use AR to scan bricks. Every brick scanned could be a golden brick that reveals a runner-up prize. BUT, no, matter how many bricks you scan, you’ll only be entered into the million points prize draw once. 

Runner-up prizes are 1,6000,000 colouring sheet downloads, 100,001 Code Redemption for an exclusive torso in the LEGO Tower app and 300,000 digital comic books. LEGO colouring sheets cost a mere 10 points each and the digital comic book maker was recently removed from the Rewards Centre. 

According to the press release: ‘there is no limit on how many times a day you can hunt for bricks, making play more rewarding than ever.’ It’s debatable how much play there is in scanning LEGO bricks and the encouragement to do lots of scanning suggests that the LEGO Group is keen for users to spend a lot of time with the new LEGO Insiders brand.  

Each participating country will have six prize draw winners per week until October 2. One million points equates to  £7,000 / US$9,000 / €8,200 / CAD$12,000 / AUD$13,250 / NZD$14,500 / DKK 60,500 / KRW 11,475,000 to spend in LEGO Stores or at  

LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt runs until October 2.  

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