The best LEGO zombie minifigures – from Marvel to Star Wars

With Halloween now in sight, Blocks is digging up the LEGO Group’s top seven zombie minifigures to celebrate the spooky season. 

The zombie has become one the most popular monsters out here, standing shoulder to shoulder with monster greats such as vampires, werewolves, mummies and ghosts. Zombie related content has become a pop culture staple, inspiring the popular comic book series The Walking Dead, music videos such as Michael Jakson’s Thriller and the iconic 1968 film Night of the Living Dead. The LEGO Group has produced numerous Zombie characters, who appear in LEGO themes such as Monster Fighters, Collectible Minifigures, Marvel Super Heroes and even Star Wars

Blocks counts down the top seven LEGO zombie minifigures of all time, ranking each spine-chilling minifigure based on uniqueness, versatility, fear-factor and detail. 

Zombie Business Man 

Zombie Business Man is a good zombie minifigure from Collectible Minifigures 71010 Series 14, but sits at the bottom of this list. His torso and legs are packed with detailed printing and his newspaper accessory that reads “BRAAAINS” is hilarious. But his offset glasses, hair, and facial expression seem more comical than scary. 71010 can be used in a zombie army, but too many copies and you will have an army of matching business men instead of zombies. 

Geonosian Zombie 

One of the most unique zombies on this list, the Geonosian Zombie can be found in 9491 Geonosian Cannon and is the only zombie minifigure in LEGO Star Wars. He’s horrifying – and being non-human makes this minifigure feel even scarier than other zombies, giving him a solid fear-factor. Cold undead eyes, rotting wings with (printed) holes in them are creepy but necessary details. The Geonosian Zombie is unique, but only works in a Star Wars themed display, limiting its versatility. But who said you can’t have the Geonosian undead invade your LEGO City? 

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Zombie Chef 

Appearing in 10228 Haunted House from the Monster Fighters theme, Zombie Chef is ready to cook up some trouble. Are the stains on his chef jacket just food stains? Yes, that is what the LEGO designers intended. Could they be interpreted as something far more gruesome? Of course! Just the idea that the Zombie Chef’s stains might not be food drives the fear-factor through the roof. While a unique minifigure, it is not so far fetched to have a Zombie Chef within an army of zombies – chefs do live in cities after all. 

Zombie Pirate 

What better combination than a zombie and pirate? Zombie Pirate from Collectible Minifigures 71010 Series 14 combines these two ideas into a swashbuckling zombie who relentlessly haunts the seven seas. He sports a gold tooth, hook hand, eyepatch, and peg leg, must-have features for any LEGO pirate captain. His printed toro and leg perfectly replicate the classic pirate look, while tiny details such as a bite mark drive the fear-factor up and take Zombie Pirate to the next level. Even his classic pirate hat has been zombified by adding x’s for eyes on the skull design. 71010 is not the most versatile zombie, but his uniqueness makes up for this. Now to build a haunted pirate ship… 

Zombie Bride 

The Zombie Bride can be found in 9465 The Zombies from the Monster Fighter theme. In terms of fear-factor, the Zombie Bride wins by a landslide. The darker grey used around her eyes, the one white eye with no pupil and the other red one. The smeared red lipstick and the splotch of grey under her mouth. There is something extra creepy and unique about a zombie bride- what is her story? Did the zombie apocalypse strike on her wedding day? Lastly, her female zombie head can be useful for mixing up your zombie army, as most of the minifigures on this list are male.

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Zombie Captain America 

The newest zombie on this list, Zombie Captain America from Collectible Minifigures 71031 Marvel Studios is almost the best LEGO zombie minifigure ever made. 71031 is absolutely packed with detail, including prints on the front and back of the torso, hips, front and side of legs, arms, helmet, and head. This minifigure also features dual molded legs – the production quality the LEGO Group put into this LEGO character is astounding. His aqua skin stands out from the usual grey used for other zombie minifigures. While being a licensed zombie character limits this minifigure’s versatility, the yellow eyes and drooping jaw make for a scary zombie. 


From Collectible Minifigures 8683 Series 1, Zombie reigns supreme as the best LEGO zombie minifigure for a multitude of reasons. First, this is the first LEGO zombie minifigure ever made, and will forever hold that title. 8683 is the most versatile minifigure on this list, as it can be put into any zombie invasion scene thanks to being fairly generic. Multiples of this minifigure would form a great zombie horde. Missing teeth and sunken red eyes complete the ghoulish look. While this minifigure lacks arm and even back printing, the torso and leg printing are sufficient and convey the tattered and decayed look any zombie must have. His accessories of a shovel and a turkey leg add some humor to an otherwise terrifying monster, bringing his fear-factor down only slightly. A brown jacketed variant can be found in 850487 Halloween Accessory Set. 

There is a reason a zombie was given a spot in the first Collecible Minifigures series ever – they’re popular. While these are Blocks’ top seven, there are even more out there to collect. Both the Zombie Bride and Zombie Chef are from the Monster Fighters theme, which features even more zombies – learn more about that spooky LEGO theme here.

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