A look back at Monster Fighters – the spookiest LEGO theme

With Halloween on the horizon, Blocks takes a look back at one of the LEGO Group’s spookiest themes – the beloved fan-favourite, Monster Fighters

The LEGO Monster Fighters story was straightforward. Lord Vampyre sought out the six Moonstones, and once he united them all he could cast eternal darkness upon the world. Who could stop him and his army of wicked monsters and ghouls? The Monster Fighters of course! The team of heroes consisted of named characters Frank Rock, Ann Lee, Major Quinton, Doctor Rodney, and Jack McHammer. Together, the Monster Fighters would use their unique gadgets and vehicles to get the Moonstones from Lord Vampyre before it was too late. 

The Monster Fighters theme made its debut in 2012 and consisted of only a single launch. But even with only a single wave of sets, Monster Fighters made its mark. There’s a unique monster in every set. Ranging from zombies to mummies, the theme had all of the classic monsters covered. ready for Halloween, Blocks is taking a closer look at each unique Monster Fighters set and its best features.  

9461 The Swamp Creature 

The appropriately named 9461 The Swamp Creature featured a brand-new swamp creature minifigure, reminiscent of classic horror films such as 1954’s Creature from the Black Lagoon. Frank Rock is ready to jump into action with his dual revolvers and a small vehicle to navigate the swamp. This same monster appeared again in The LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigures series, as 71023 Swamp Creature. 

9462 The Mummy 

The mummy minifigure included in 9462 The Mummy is extremely detailed and equally as creepy. With piercing red eyes, the mummy rides a chariot pulled by a skeleton horse with flaming eyes. In pursuit is Ann Lee in her flying machine, armed with her trusty crossbow. 

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9463 The Werewolf 

9463 The Werewolf pits Major Quinton against a menacing werewolf who features glow-in-the-dark claws, ready to pounce. Major Quinton’s car has a frog piece moulded in grey as a hood ornament and uses pistols as exhaust pipes. The haunted tree included has an action feature, which can propel the werewolf into action.  

9464 The Vampire Hearse 

9464 The Vampire Hearse will forever be the first LEGO set to include a hearse, rather dark subject matter for a building set. This hearse has been turned into a hot rod, with exposed engine and flame stickers. Lord Vampyre and a zombie chauffeur are included to do battle with Doctor Rodney, who rides a speedy motorcycle. 

9465 The Zombies 

The zombie chauffeur, along with a zombie bride and groom, haunt the graveyard included in 9465 The Zombies. Who could stop them? Enter Jack McHammer and his awesome hammer-truck. Jack McHammer’s truck features two large rotating hammer assemblies perfect for smashing zombies and capturing the Moonstone. 

9466 The Crazy Scientist & His Monster 

Paying homage to the classic LEGO Studios set, 1382 Scary Laboratory, 9466 The Crazy Scientist & His Monster features a laboratory for its crazy scientist to bring his ‘Frankenstein’s monster’ back to life. Major Quinton and Doctor Rodney get a suped-up blue car with a large radar dish to capture the Moonstone.  

9467 The Ghost Train 

Both Frank Rock and Ann Lee return to take on ghosts in 9467 The Ghost Train, this time piloting a plane armed with flick fire missiles. Three identical ghost minifigures are included along with a haunted train. The haunted train engine pulls three cars, which include a jail cell and two cars with flapping bat wings.  

9468 Vampyre Castle 

The largest set of the initial wave and the centrepiece of not just any Monster Fighters display, but any LEGO Halloween display, 9468 Vampyre Castle had it all. The monsters: Lord Vampyre, Lord Vampyre’s bride and two man-bats. The heroes: Doctor Rodney and Jack McHammer. The castle itself is filled with rooms, including a place for Lord Vampyre’s casket. Every Moonstone from thsi wave of sets is included here. 

10228 Haunted House 

A set wanted by LEGO fans who aren’t interested in the rest of the theme, 10228 Haunted House has become the Holy Grail of the Monster Fighters sets. Built like a modular building, 10228 remains the ultimate Monster Fighters experience.  

Monster Fighters has cemented itself as the only horror-based theme to include so many iconic monsters. What’s your favorite Monster Fighter set? Looking for more Halloween and seasonal sets that are available now? You can find sets to buy this autumn and Halloween here.

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