Carve a LEGO pumpkin for Halloween with these stencils

Why not add a LEGO twist to your pumpkin carving this year with these stencils? You can make your pumpkin a LEGO character with these templates for Batman, a skeleton and a minifigure.

Brick or treat! Halloween is here, and with these stencils you can give your pumpkin a LEGO twist. These three LEGO character templates will make your pumpkins stand out from the crowd. Remember to be careful when carving pumpkins!

This first stencil features the classic LEGO skeleton face.

Or here is a traditional LEGO minifigure, with the beloved smiley face.

For those who want to bring the Dark Knight into the year’s spookiest night, here is LEGO Batman.

Anyone who doesn’t want to carve an actual pumpkin could always gather up enough orange bricks and build a pumpkin, leaving gaps where the carving would be. Definitely don’t put a candle inside though!

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