LEGO Rebuild the World continues with bridge-building knight

The Rebuild the World marketing campaign continues, as the LEGO Group releases a video that sees a knight attempting to cross a river, which he can ultimately only do with creative thinking and the help of his friends.

In the new video, many classic LEGO elements are referenced and alluded to – there’s a pirate in a rowboat, a blacksmith and a carwash. The big budget clip of course reveals that it’s actually children playing through the scenario, as the Damp Knight’s Tale ultimately sees the character unite with his Brickheadz bear buddy.

Visual stories are being launched alongside the footage as the LEGO Group seeks to position itself in consumers’ minds as a ‘creative play brand’ rather than just a construction toy.

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‘We remain in awe of the creativity, optimism and resilience that children show every day – and how, through play, they can develop the essential life skills not only to imagine, but to create, a brighter future,’ says LEGO Chief Product and Marketing Officer Julia Goldin. ‘The Rebuild the World campaign is a celebration of this and provides a showcase for the inspiration that we can all get from coming together and collaborating creatively to overcome challenges.’

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