Introducing a new collection of Blocks minifigures

Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, is launching six new minifigures for readers to collect. Each fun character has a letter on their torso, and when lined up spell out ‘Blocks’.

The new Blocks Collection minifigures are available to order now from our online shop and will start being dispatched on September 27. Each of these colourful characters features one letter from the word ‘Blocks’ on their chest, so all six together spell out the magazine’s title.

Each of these exclusive minifigures is made using authentic LEGO elements, with unique printing for the Blocks Collection. We’ve given each cheery character a name – Bella, Leo, Ollie, Carol, Kristian and Sophie – but they are of course blank slates for you to reimagine however you like.

The smart, clean design of these characters makes them a stylish way to show off your Blocks fandom – they’re perfect for sitting on a desk, ideally on a stand you’ve built using your own LEGO bricks.

These new minifigures complement the existing ‘evergreen’ Blocks minifigures, the Blocks Postman and Brick Wife, which have proved very popular over the years.

Each Blocks minifigure comes in blister pack with a backing card, making them the perfect gift for a special occasion – especially for the LEGO collector who has everything!

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