New exhibition in LEGO House’s Masterpiece Gallery mixes things up

It’s the time of year when LEGO House changes the builds over the Masterpiece Gallery but given the pandemic it hasn’t been possible to fill it with fan creations as usual. Instead, LEGO employees have had the opportunity to pitch their models to fill the displays.

Senior Product Designer Florian Müller’s modern Hamburg concert hall MOC, ‘Elbphilharmonie’, will be featured. ‘The coolest feature I think, is the opening mechanism – the thin front line of the concert hall can split up into two areas, which can open and reveal the inside of the concert hall. While most of the inside is purely built by my own imagination, the hoovering concert hall in the middle is something the real Elbphilharmonie also has,’ he says.

It’s not only product designers who have shown off their talent though – Executive Assistant Matthew Foster built a version of the famous Danish building ‘The Wave’. ‘I knew I wanted to build something to challenge myself, but I was having a tough time picking a project,’ he says. ‘On a walk past the water in Vejle I started thinking about how strange and unique the architecture of The Wave is and I wondered how to make it out of LEGO bricks.’

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Travel restrictions as a result of the pandemic have limited what was possible in the Masterpiece Gallery this year. ‘The already planned AFOL exhibitors for Masterpiece Gallery will be postponed to 2022, where LEGO House looks very much forward inviting them in for the long-planned event, and in that way get back to the very good yearly tradition that we appreciate very much in the Home of the Brick,’ says LEGO House Managing Director Jesper Vilstrup.

LEGO House Fan Day will still go ahead on September 23 with a series of presentations (local Danish times):

2.00 pm: Meet LEGO Design VP Matthew Ashton and hear about the latest news from his team

2:45 pm: 10th anniversary of LEGO NINJAGO

3:30 pm: The LEGO Group Sustainability Update

They’ll be livestreamed too, so fans who can’t attend can still watch them.

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