Blocks speaks to the women building LEGO for International Women’s Day 2021

International Women’s Day is marked each year on March 8, as an occasion to celebrate women’s achievement and take action for equality. Ahead of this year’s date, Blocks magazine is spotlighting five of the women with inspirational careers at the LEGO Group.

Across the LEGO Group, there are thousands of women working to keep fans happy with incredible products and the bricks that allow their creativity to flourish. For a special feature ahead of International Women’s Day, Blocks magazine Issue 77 features five exclusive interviews with women doing very different work within the global company.

Julia Goldin, LEGO Chief Product & Marketing Officer

If there’s someone at the company who LEGO fans will want to hear from, it’s Julia Goldin. She is responsible for product development, marketing, licensing, partnerships, and the LEGO Group’s in-house creative agency – the actual sets that people around the world are building, but also the many related experiences that fans come into contact with.

Tara Wike, LEGO Senior Design Manager

Known by LEGO fans for heading up LEGO Collectible Minifigures for years, Tara Wike is now making sure that the LEGO design standards and language translated successfully across all experiences. When the various LEGO experiences that fans come across are all consistent and feel right, that’s in large part thanks to the work Tara does.

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Signe Wiese, LEGO Corporate Historian

Being a LEGO historian sounds like a dream job in a company filled with dream jobs, but it actually exists. Signe Wiese is immersed in the history of the LEGO Group and the company’s culture, ensuring that as it expands, the legacy of the Kirk Kristiansen family continues to be felt.

Laura Perron, LEGO Designer

Part of the LEGO DOTS team, Laura Perron is part of the design department that works from the headquarters in Billund, Denmark. She essentially plays with bricks all day for a living, although of course there’s much more to it than that.

Signe Lønholdt, LEGO Head of Community Growth

There’s a whole team at the LEGO Group dedicated to connecting the company with the AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) community – and Signe Lønholdt’s a key part of that team. She is responsible for ensuring that the voice of AFOLs is heard within the LEGO Group and that fans understand what’s going on with their favourite brand.

Be sure to check out Issue 77 of Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, to hear from these five women about the fascinating work that they do, with Julia Goldin providing real insight into how the LEGO Group stays relevant and appeals to adults as well as children.

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