Blocks Editor Graham Hancock to share inspirational stories in LEGO Heroes

Blocks magazine’s Editor, Graham Hancock, is excited to share news of his upcoming book – LEGO Heroes

I’m delighted that I can now talk about a project I’ve been working on that I think will be of interest to Blocks magazine readers. Next May, Chronicle Books will be publishing LEGO Heroes, a book I have written that collects stories from around the world that focus on people using LEGO bricks to change the world.

If you’ve been reading Blocks magazine for a while then you’ll know that we often include stories focusing on where LEGO bricks intersect with the real world – if you enjoy those features, I think you’ll enjoy this book. A few of the chapters are adapted from Blocks magazine features, but the majority are all-new stories that you haven’t read before.

What I really like is that this is a book that a LEGO fan can share this one with someone who is not a diehard fan – if your spouse is ever teasing you about the hobby, this book shows the incredible power that the LEGO brick has beyond building awesome models.

This is very special to me personally as when I was a child, I used to make little magazines and books, staple them together and share them with family members. I’ve been fortunate enough to edit a LEGO magazine and now I am delighted to be having a book published.

For Blocks magazine, this further illustrates the level of expertise we bring to the title. I’m joining Daniel Konstanski, who has authored The Secret Life of LEGO Bricks, and Simon Pickard, whose builds are featured in several official LEGO books from DK.

May is a long way away, so there’s not too much to say right now, but I’ll be able to share more as we get closer to the publication date. If you would like to pre-order LEGO Heroes, it is available from Amazon.

Thanks for indulging me as I share this news and thanks for supporting Blocks magazine.

Graham Hancock
Editor, Blocks magazine

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