LEGO 40570 Halloween Cat & Mouse – the Blocks review

The new autumnal LEGO set for Halloween is a delightful pair of animals in 40570 Halloween Cat & Mouse. Blocks is reviewing the model to see if it’s worth vampire hunting for…

Out of all the Halloween icons, black cats have one of the longest connections to this ancient holiday, going back all the way to when it was Samhain. Long associated with witchcraft and foul fortune, thankfully they’re now seen as fluffy good luck charms. This has been helped by the likes of Sabrina’s sarcastic familiar, Salem, and Thackery Binks in the beloved Disney movie Hocus Pocus. 

So, is 40570 Halloween Cat & Mouse perfect for feline fans and Halloween decorating alike? 

40570 Halloween Cat & Mouse details

Price: £11.99 / $12.99 / €12.99
Minifigures: 0
Pieces: 328

Each element of this model is built separately, helping to keep the whole thing interesting, even for a relatively small set. It’s a great tutorial for building animals at this scale, striking a balance between being cute while still being pretty accurate. You’ll have to wait for the animals though because things start with the pumpkin, or jack-o-lantern if you prefer. It uses orange cheese slopes and curved tiles to recreate the segments of a pumpkin (traditionally it was turnips that were carved). Quarter curved tile then make the grinning face, and a hinged tops allows for the mouse to fit inside later. 

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Speaking of the mouse it eschews anatomy for more of a cartoon vibe, and the result is very cute. Rounded 1×2 plates are topped with tiles for tiny feet, and more cheese slopes help to suggest its round shape. Small radar dishes double as oversized ears, adding to the comedic effect. An unusual light grey LEGO dinosaur tail finishes the mouse and it can be rotated to either side for display. 

40570 Halloween Cat & Mouse then gets a bit hexed when it comes to the cat. It’s much more sophisticated to build and has brilliant parts usage, especially the Wolverine claws for whiskers. However, it’s not completely black. Dark grey pieces have been used on the legs, even though these pieces are readily available in black. It’s a shame because it does detract from the overall look of the feline. Rather than a witch’s back cat, it’s more of a mottled tabby. 

Every item is then placed on a wonderfully colourful base, packed with LEGO pumpkins, leaf elements in fall colours, and a few vines in nougat. 40570 Halloween Cat & Mouse is a fun little build and would look great as part of any autumn display – it’s perfect to piece together while watching a Halloween movie too. 

VERDICT: A great autumnal set, even if the cat isn’t a traditional witch’s black cat. 

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