Which minifigures from LEGO Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 do fans still need?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch has proven to be a fantastic series, introducing us to the wonderful character of Omega and, of course, giving us a closer look at the Galactic Empire during its early development. Clone Commandos appeared in the first season and, thankfully, they’re here to stay. Crosshair has proven to be one of the show’s best characters, with his snide personality and cruel tactics.

The following article contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Season 1 and 2. Please tread with caution.

Unfortunately for LEGO fans, the output of The Bad Batch sets can only be described as meager. There has only been 75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle (also known as the Havoc Marauder) and 75323 The Justifier (Cad Bane’s personal spacecraft) so far. The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle had a well-developed interior, but the ship was far too small; conversely, the Justifier lacked detail despite its larger size. Still, with these sets came figures that blew everyone away, from the entirety of Clone Force 99 to villains Crosshair and Cad Bane.

Given the small number of sets, there have been fewer than 10 exclusive minifigures. Who’s missing from the line?

Again, please note that all entries in this list should be considered SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Season 1 AND 2.

5. Admiral Rampart

This is a character who may appear plain but is heavily involved in the story. Imperial Admiral Rampart is partly responsible for the destruction of Tipoca City, the location of the cloning facility that spawned millions of clones, after the Imperial–Kaminoan relationship turned hostile in Season 1. In Season 2, he plays more of a role in the inner workings of the Empire for the first half of the season. Despite his best efforts to stay in control, he quickly becomes the scapegoat for the Empire’s failure to keep the destruction of Kamino hush.

As an interesting character with an ordinary appearance, it may seem a little disappointing to get Admiral Rampart as a minifigure. Regardless, many fans will always welcome new Imperial personnel to add to their flagships. His outfit could simply include his grey uniform with the proper insignia. It would be nice to see his outfit with black boots, as seen in 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer. He’d be a nice match for an Imperial Venator-class Star Destroyer playset, or even as garnish on an Ultimate Collectors’ Series model.

4. Season 2 Outfits for Clone Force 99

Out with the old, in with the orange. Clone Force 99, made up of Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo, and Omega (at this point in time), adopts a new look as mercenaries in Season 2. They repaint their grey and red (un)traditional Clone Commando uniforms in a burnt orange and add rugged new attire, including a shawl around Hunter’s neck and a new Clone kama for Echo.

Now that 75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle has been retired, grabbing Clone Force 99 is only possible through fans on BrickLink and other online marketplaces. Many fans would appreciate a more available and up-to-date squad, including Omega’s signature combat outfit and Zygerrian Energy Bow. Good soldiers follow orders, and so too should the LEGO Group in making the made-over squad available in a brand-new set.

3. Clone Commander Mayday

Sure, fans hardly knew Clone Commander Mayday. He’s tough and gruff, and he has every right to be – his entire squad of Imperial Clone Troopers had received zero support for several years. They are barely scraping by on the icy planet of Barton-4, facing extreme cold and raiders daily. What matters is that Mayday’s eventual tragic death is the lynchpin in helping Crosshair see the Empire has no use for clones, and no sympathy, either.

How does this translate into a LEGO set for children? Mayday’s cracked outfit and helmet is layered in bandages and wrapped fabric to help keep him warm… and in one piece. It’s a unique statement that would make Mayday a very welcome minifigure for collectors young and old. He’d even be highly desirable as part of a gift with purchase on May the 4th – maybe a vignette of Crosshair and Mayday lurching through the snow.

2. Clone Marshal Commander Cody (Imperial)

Clone Marshal Commander Cody is alive, but he’s not well. A fan-favourite character who seemingly had no canon end after Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, he now appears as an ‘honourable’ Imperial clone soldier in the aftermath of Order 66. After he and Crosshair fought their way through battle droids on the planet of Desix, they took part in a pivotal standoff with its governor – a test of Cody’s mercy and morals.

His sudden leave of the Empire after questioning its decisions make him notable, even beyond his fame as a Clone Marshal Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic. As far as LEGO sets go, Clone Commander Cody as part of the Galactic Empire would be a somewhat plainer figure than seen with his appearance in 75337 AT-TE Walker, considering he’s swapped orange for grey. His involvement in the show and his high profile among fans would still make him an excellent candidate for a Season 2 minifigure.

1. Clone Commando Scorch (Imperial)

A ‘new’ character on the list, Clone Commando Scorch actually first appeared non-canonically in Star Wars: Republic Commando, a squad-based shooter video game released in 2005. He was funny and easy to like, but it was hard to get him to stop talking, quipping, and of course, teasing his fellow commando brothers. In Star Wars canon, and following Order 66, he’s a quiet yet ruthless Imperial Clone Commando who still gets the job done – albeit without his squad, who also enjoyed a cameo in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

What could be more exciting than the LEGO Group’s first classic Clone Commando? Scorch’s armour is visually astounding. He’s both a fantastic throwback to the glory days of Star Wars video games and a mysterious, highly-skilled warrior in Star Wars: The Bad Batch. It would likely require a new mould for the helmet and lots of printing on the torso and legs, but surely no more than the Cad Bane minifigure included in 75323 The Justifier. The time has come for the LEGO Group to execute a Scorch minifigure.

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