Five fun tips for displaying your LEGO models

Building with LEGO bricks is a fantastic experience in itself, but displaying your LEGO models is one of the best parts of the hobby. You can stage a battle, plan a city, or build an empire of architectural marvels – the finished masterpiece is entirely up to you. The LEGO Group has also come out with more and more advanced and collectible sets, making integrating LEGO models into your home a blast.

Even so, there’s no need for a smaller budget to keep you down. You can create a fantastic showcase on your own terms, even by using household items. Here are some excellent ways to display your LEGO models.

Make it your own with bricks…

If you like to build your own models – castles, skyscrapers, vehicles, and more – then you’ve got it made. You won’t be limited by the constraints of the LEGO Group’s own portfolio. A proper Black Falcons fortress to rival 10305 Lion Knight’s Castle? Do it. That post-apocalyptic cruiser you had in mind? Go for it.

If you’re looking for inspiration or some great ideas, you’ll also find alternate builds on sites like Rebrickable from other fan designers, and occasionally, from actual LEGO designers. Check out this alternate BIONICLE build for 31203 World Map from Senior LEGO Designer Nicolaas Vás.

…and get creative with posing

Properly posing your minifigures can be the difference between a living, breathing Modular Building street and one that’s filled with mannequins. Star Wars battles look great with Clones or Stormtroopers running about, which is part of what makes army building so popular. Clear LEGO bricks or third-party stands to add flight to your ships and planes is a fantastic option.

Using your sense of humour and visual tricks can help. It could be as simple as a dog chasing a cat, or as complex as having Doctor Strange step into one portal and out another. If you’re displaying massive LEGO Icons scale objects or vehicles, including collectibles minifigures is still possible. Imagine a musician minifigure frustrated that he can’t reach the pedals on the 21323 Grand Piano.

Upgrade your LEGO hobby! If you take out a subscription to Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, you’ll get each issue first and at a discount, plus other perks including a free digital subscription and the chance to win LEGO prizes every month.

Household objects go the distance…

Of course, you can even go beyond the blocks by posing minifigures and sets with household objects. Back in 2010, 7595 Army Men on Patrol was worth far more than its 90 parts. It is the perfect set for posing creative scenes and battles, and it makes sense considering the Toy Story branding. Imagine putting one going up a paper towel roll.

If you want to declutter the look of your display, setting models at different heights on risers or books is another great option. 21327 Typewriter looks at home on top of some hardcover books, especially LEGO ones.

…but proper spacing goes even further

Having enough space for a LEGO collection is one thing, but making sure there’s enough spacing between each model is just as important if you already have a massive display. It’s hard to appreciate each model on its own when it’s in close proximity to other models of a similar size.

Try to keep each model at least two to three inches apart when possible – otherwise, the rest of your collection will swallow it whole. If you’re working with limited horizontal space, you might want to go up with proper shelving, too.

Motion is an option

Motor lovers, rejoice! Having a moving train on a wide table or adding the 21335 Motorized Lighthouse to your collection for some movement can really bring a display to life. There are some great trains from LEGO City, and occasionally, the LEGO Group will release a fantastic train set for adults that can run on track.

Best of all, if none of them tickle your fancy – go back to step one and make something great on your own. The LEGO Group sells motors, battery hubs and lights a la carte as part of their Powered Up line. All you’ll need to bring are your own bricks and some creativity.

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