What is the High Republic and what does it mean for LEGO Star Wars?

With the announcement of 75358 Tenoo Jedi Temple comes a new era for LEGO Star Wars….

While many fans are excitedly poring over the details for 75358 Tenoo Jedi Temple, other LEGO Star Wars fans may be a little perplexed. What is the High Republic? Why does Yoda look like he’s had botox? None of this is from the movies after all. Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, is here to explain what this set means and how it may be the start of a completely new era for the theme.

For fans who only watch the movies and television shows, then this set will definitely come as a surprise. The High Republic began as a publishing initiative, which is currently in its second phase of publishing, and features stories focussing on an entirely new cast of characters. Set 150 years before The Phantom Menace, it explores the golden era of the Republic and the Jedi Order. This is a time of prosperity and unity across the galaxy, with the Jedi acting as true peacekeepers amongst the stars. 

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures will be the first time that the High Republic appears off the page and is designed as a way to get preschoolers into a galaxy far, far away with tales of bravery and life lessons. Of course that doesn’t stop fans of any age enjoying the show and Nubs, one of the main characters who looks like a blue Ewok, has already broken the internet with his popularity. 

So, this is why the characters in 75358 Tenoo Jedi Temple look completely different compared to what fans are used to seeing on screen. During the High Republic era the Jedi wear far more ornate robes, usually whites and golds, that are embellished using embroidery or appliqué. While both Padawans are relatively simple designs, Yoda is clearly wearing these more ornate robes, using some lovely dark yellow and tan printing to suggest the gold. 

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And why does Yoda look so different? Well there are two reasons. Firstly it’s because, after doing a little math, the Jedi Master is around 714 years old, so he doesn’t need to invest in the anti-wrinkle cream yet. This is about middle-aged for Yoda’s species – he lives to be 900 after all. Then, as the name suggests, Young Jedi Adventures is animated with a younger audience in mind, so it is very stylised and cutesy. Therefore the LEGO designers have adapted Yoda’s head piece just as they did for The Clone Wars and The Yoda Chronicles. 

What could this mean for the LEGO Star Wars theme going forward? The High Republic is mainly told through books and comics, with lots of material for the design to draw from. Tons of concept art exists for the characters, ships, and locations, meaning there is visual references for almost everything, even if it has not yet been on screen. There is also a massive fan base for The High Republic because it is a fresh starting point in the Star Wars galaxy, without any knowledge needed about the Skywalker saga. If the LEGO Group produce more official sets for this era, they could prove very popular for these fans. 

Although 75358 Tenoo Jedi Temple is just a little 4+ set, it may be the start of an entirely new collection inspired by this time period. Or for light and life, as the Jedi of this era like to say! Does this set excite or confuse you? Do you want to see more based on the High Republic? Grab your lightsabers and come tell us on any of the Blocks social media channels

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