What benefits do Blocks magazine subscribers get?

Blocks is the monthly LEGO magazine for fans, bringing an in-depth guide to the hobby with behind-the-scenes features, set reviews and exclusive build instructions. The easiest way to keep up with Blocks is to subscribe, and there’s a few good reasons why you should take up a subscription rather than buy the mag every month.

Here are all of the benefits to becoming a subscriber to Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans…

Save money

The cover price of Blocks magazine is £5.49 (prices including delivery are £6.50 UK, £10.50 Europe, £12.50 rest of the world).

A subscription to Blocks for 12 months costs £59.00 UK, £89.00 Europe, £110 rest of the world. That means that UK subscribers save £19 – that means three of the issues are free! European subscribers save £37 with the one year subscription, while subscribers elsewhere in the world save £40.

With a 24 month subscription, the savings are even bigger!

Get the magazine first

As soon as the magazine is ready to go each month, subscriber copies are dispatched. They are fulfilled before individual orders and turn up before Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, arrives on UK store shelves.

Full access to the back catalogue

As part of a subscription, you are given full access to the Blocks digital archive. More than 80 issues of the magazine, more than 9,000 pages of features, are at your fingertips in a fully searchable back catalogue. It’s a great resource if you have loads of back issues, as you can search for a specific feature and then pull out the paper copy, or if you’re new to the mag you can catch up with what you’ve missed using pretty much any device.

Win LEGO prizes

Every month we give away LEGO sets to subscribers, so you have a chance of winning awesome prizes. At the time of writing, you can win 10292 Friends Apartments – we’ve also given away 10276 Colosseum, two 10274 Ghostbusters ECTO-1 sets and five 76182 Batman Cowl sets.

Discounted merchandise

Every now and again we release new Blocks merchandise inspired by the LEGO magazine for fans. AT the time of writing, you can get the Blocks Postman Minifigure at a discounted rate if you’re a subscriber. We have more merchandise that will be announced soon.

Hassle free

With a subscription you just wait for Blocks to land on your doorstep. No need to go to the shop, no need to remember when it goes on sale, just wait for your monthly dose of LEGO fun to arrive with you.

Guaranteed price

Once you’ve paid for your subscription, you are protected against any price increases during the period of your subscription. If the cover price goes up, you don’t pay any extra until it’s time to renew the subscription.

We hope to see you joining our subscribers, who are saving money and getting some great perks!

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