Wandering around LEGO Harry Potter 75978 Diagon Alley

Everything LEGO Harry Potter fans need to complement 75978 Diagon Alley is in Blocks magazine Issue 73 – designer insights, expansion inspiration and an in-depth review.

71043 Hogwarts Castle offered fans the destination that is most important in the Wizarding World. But for intrigue, mystery, fun and whimsy – with a dash of danger – Diagon Alley is the even more compelling location. “Welcome to Diagon Alley.”

While the LEGO Group tackled the set at minifigure scale a whopping 13 years ago with 10217 Diagon Alley, this is a significant upgrade. Taking advantage of the size that LEGO sets can now go to and the advanced techniques they can include, 75978 Diagon Alley offers something on an entirely different scale to what has been done before.

In Blocks magazine Issue 73, Design Manager Marco Bessa reveals how he designed this model himself. There are some fascinating insights – did you know it was originally going to be taller? How was the size determined? And has the design wizard read all of the Potter books?

The full, deep dive review also offers an assessment of the set. At almost £400, it’s not a set to buy without thinking carefully first – and this review is the perfect way to get a better sense of the epic model. There’s also reviews of the rest of the LEGO Harry Potter 2020 wave.

But what if you do buy the set and build it? What then? A special build feature provides tips and inspiration on how to extend the street, adding Gringotts Bank in the same scale to really expand the display possibilities. Once you have added Gringotts, where could you take Diagon Alley next?

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