The perfect Father’s Day gift for the LEGO dad who has everything

We know what it’s like – you want to get him something LEGO related for Father’s Day, but every day there’s a new Amazon Prime delivery coming and he’s just treated himself to exactly what you were going to buy him. Fear not, we have the perfect gift for every LEGO dad!

It’s almost impossible to buy a gift for a LEGO fan because you can never keep track of which sets they’ve got and which they haven’t, especially when they keep buying new sets and then don’t get around to building them. You never actually see them because the boxes get put away faster than you can say ‘which LEGO set was that you just bought?’

So the answer is to give them something to upgrade their LEGO hobby – a subscription to Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine for ‘grown-ups’. This is a magazine written for adult fans; no comic strips, no gimmicky tiny LEGO set on the cover, just 116 pages of LEGO features, reviews and builds for the LEGO connoiseur. They can read an interview all about a new set, then go and build it, and have an extra special experience because they know what went into creating it.

Herew’s what a subscription package gets you:

  • Start with the current issue and you can wrap it up as the physical present
  • 12 or 24 issues of the magazine (depending which option you choose), delivered monthly
  • A FREE digital subscription, so you can read the LEGO magazine on the move
  • Monthly prize draws – every month, at least one subscriber wins a LEGO prize
  • The magazine arrives early – before it turns up in the shops
  • It’s much cheaper to get a subscription than individual issues
  • There are discounts on select merchandise in the Blocks shop

To treat the LEGO dad in your life to Blocks every month – at a discount and earlier than the shops – order a 12-month or 24-month subscription. It really will save you from them saying ‘I’ve already bought this set’ on Father’s Day!

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