Five LEGO Star Wars mechs fans actually need

With the news that three new LEGO Star Wars mechs are releasing in August – 75368 Darth Vader Mech, 75369 Boba Fett Mech and 76370 Stormtrooper Mech – Blocks looks at some characters better suited to the style.

Mechs abound throughout the LEGO catalogue, across multiple themes and ranging from pocket-money sized sets to enormous battle suits that threaten to buckle a shelf. With LEGO bricks lending themselves well to mechanical objects, mechs can take advantage of angular plates and exposed Technic beams, which only help to suggest inorganic machinery. Not to mention that ball-joints don’t look out of place on LEGO mechs. 

What’s a little surprising though is that mechs have suddenly joined the LEGO Star Wars theme, with 75368 Darth Vader Mech, 75369 Boba Fett Mech and 76370 Stormtrooper Mech on the way. Usually the designers stick to sets that are canon (in-universe), but these mechs are definitely not. If Vader’s suit looked like it did in 75368 Darth Vader Mech, then it would have been game over for the rebels. So, Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, is looking at five Star Wars characters who would actually work as mechs…


Introduced in the video game Jedi: Survivor, Rayvis is an alien belonging to a species called the Gen’Dai. These aliens are gelatinous and able to morph their shape, so Rayvis has to wear an actual mech suit. With his chunky armour plating angled and rusted, he’d make for a great set that could easily use existing pieces. His only unique element would be his minifigure, which would need to be a light purple. 


General Grievous was one of the only characters who truly worked in LEGO constraction, and his MagnaGuards would probably work as mechs. They’re bulkier than the General, and would need a new tattered cloak element to go around the shoulders. Technic rods could then recreate their electrostaffs, with transparent purple elements suggesting the crackling energy. 

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Dark Trooper

While they’ve been part of the Expanded Universe for years, Dark Troopers were first introduced on-screen in The Mandalorianas the evil hench-droids of Moff Gideon. Being fully mechanically built, their joints are visible, along with pistons and other working details, which could lead to some great greebling on a mech. Considering 75343 Dark Trooper Helmet barely captured the menace of these droids, then a mech would be perfect for play instead.  

Paz Vizsla

Although Paz was a bit of a jerk to begin with in Star Wars: The Mandalorian, he certainly cemented himself as a fan favourite after his noble actions in the third season. He could use a lot of the same shapes and overall technique as 75369 Boba Fett Mech, but with his iconic horned helmet and heavy blaster cannon instead. 


Star Wars: The Bad Batch has introduced fans to a new found family of clone troopers, each with special abilities that have been genetically enhanced. Wrecker is, as his name suggests, very good at blowing things up. He’s much bigger than a typical clone, so would suit the upscaling of a mech, plus he could come with a big brick-built blaster like 75369 Boba Fett Mech. Fans could do with a cheaper way to collect The Bad Batch minifigures too. 

What do you think of these new LEGO Star Wars mechs? And would you like to see a character in this new style? Use the Force and jump onto any of the Blocks social media channels to let us know your opinions! 

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