The LEGO Group launches Insiders Club for children

The LEGO Group continues to rebrand and reorganise the company’s online experiences, with the latest being Insiders Club for children.

LEGO Insiders Club is the new membership program for children. Young fans can sign up and login to an area of where they can learn building skills, complete creative missions to unlock trophies and create a unique avatar.

Permission and adult assistance are of course required before children can get started at the LEGO Insiders Club. To complement the online experience, children can also sign up for the free LEGO Life magazine at

  • The LEGO Group are promoting the following features for children:
  • LEGO Masters Academy – Learn building skills from LEGO Master Builders
  • Missions and Trophies – Complete creative missions to unlock trophies
  • Avatar Builder – Create their own minifigure avatar
  • Built-in safety – Safe and inclusive with parental controls

More features and platforms are promised in the months ahead.

If your child is a bit too old – or too deep in the LEGO world – for kids’ content, then check out subscriptions to Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine; it’s a great way to upgrade your child’s LEGO experience and keep them off the screen for a while.

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