The Christmas movies that should become LEGO sets

Following the launch of 21330 Home Alone, Blocks is picking out other classic Christmas movies that would be perfect for LEGO sets to build over the holidays.

Featuring three layers of booby-trapped festive decorating extravaganza, the recently released 21330 Home Alone is an ode to classic Christmas movies. Who doesn’t remember Kevin ordering late night pizza, playing with his brother’s tarantula and watching gangster movies? While the film is full of Christmassy capers it has a beautiful family message too, so no wonder it was voted to become a LEGO set. 

As the first Christmas movie inspired LEGO set though, we’re hoping it might start a trend. Here are the top holiday movies that we want to see in the brick…

The Polar Express

Tickets, please! Flying through the mountains and the snow in navy livery is the Polar Express, a magical train that takes children to the North Pole. Trains are no stranger to the LEGO designers, so most of the focus would need to be put into the interior, from the hot chocolate machine to the spooky lost toys cabin. All of the children would have to be included and the Conductor provides an excuse for another Tom Hanks character as a minifigure. 

Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas may think that he’s only good at worrying, but the love and care he puts into the whole festive season makes him a worthy Santa. The film’s colourful and quirky designs could actually lend themselves to multiple sets, but ‘Evie’ the old sleigh makes the most sense. It could have working features like Grandsanta’s camera, or the dubious camouflage mode. The Arthur minifigure would need his Christmas jumper and including Grandsanta’s elderly reindeer would be perfection. 

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The Grinch 

Here’s another Christmas classic, but the modern 2018 version is the one that would probably work best as a LEGO set. Up in his lonely mountain the Grinch plots away to steal Christmas and his cave offers plenty of opportunity for role play. There’s the wall of scribbled plans, the Grinch’s fiendish inventions and the little kitchen area for Max, his loyal hound. He’d need a unique head mould for a minifigure, finished of course with a grumpy expression. 


It’s no surprise that Klaus won a BAFTA award for Best Animated Feature because its heartwarming story is Christmas perfection. A young postal worker teams up with a reclusive toy-maker to bring joy to children in an isolated town. And it’s the toy workshop that would be perfect for making in bricks. There’s loads of opportunities for LEGO toy pieces to be used everywhere, along with workbenches and mugs of cocoa. The animated character designs may be tricky to transfer to minifigures but some clever printing could probably capture their personalities. 

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The rule you can never forget is don’t feed him after midnight. Yeah, that was never going to work out. Matching Christmas with horror, Gremlins has been seen before in LEGO Dimensions when one of the booster packs included the cutest plastic incarnation of Gizmo ever. A fully poseable brick-built Gizmo would be even better! Large dish pieces for those cute eyes, a mixture of red-brown and white bricks for Gizmo’s fur, and rotating ears to add character. Plus fans wouldn’t have to worry about getting the LEGO version wet. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Jack Skellington and Sally have already become incredible minifigures in the Disney Collectible Minifigure Series, so it makes sense to give them a matching set. How about Jack’s home, full of Halloween and festive experiments? Or his visit to Christmas Town where he finds Sandy Claws? There are so many fun options for this film – and it would be a chance to finally get Zero too. 

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LEGO bricks famously featured in Elf, so making the film into a LEGO set would bring it full circle nicely. While Buddy’s adventures take him to New York, it’s the North Pole that offers the best festive inspiration. Papa Elf’s home complete with snow-capped roof, surrounded by Buddy’s friends like narwhal and Leon the snowman, not to mention part of the candy cane forest would make for one stunning festive fiesta. 

This may be our top picks, but do you agree? Or is there some other Christmas film you’d think would work? Come tell Blocks on our social media channels what you’d like to see rocking around a LEGO Christmas tree. 

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  1. I emailed them that very same idea last year! Our family loved doing the Home Alone set. They should do 25 bags for a bunch of movies and families can do it as an Advent event!

    We want Christmas Vacation!! And Elf!!

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