The best LEGO summer sets at every price point

With LEGO set released practically every month, choosing what to buy can be tricky, especially when a huge wave drops like this year’s summer one. Which themes to choose? What’s the best value for money? Our monthly Reviews section in Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, will give you all the in-depth information you need to make informed decisions, but for those just looking for a quick guide here’s the Blocks round up of the best LEGO buys for every budget.

Under £10/$15

For fans who just want a pocket-money set then there’s a great selection to choose from in the Friends and City ranges. 60300 Wildlife ATV (£8.99/$9.99) is a great way to get the new LEGO monkey figures, whilst 41677 Forest Waterfall (£8.99/$9.99) offers two Friends characters, one cute squirrel and a nice little build all in one box.

Under £25/$30

There is literally loads to pick from in this mid-range price bracket, yet the Creator 3-in-1 sets obviously offer more building opportunities from a single box. 31122 Fish Tank (£24.99/$29.99) is perfect for any Finding Nemo fans, including a clown fish and a blue tang (that’s a Dory fish for non-marine biologists). For a dash of the circus then 41687 Magical Funfair Stalls (£24.99/$29.99) is sure to encourage bit of play thanks to its fun accessories.

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Under £50/$60

As a rather budget friendly display piece, Wizarding World fans should look no further than 76394 Fawkes Dumbledore’s Phoenix (£34.99/$39.99), which follows the style of 75979 Hedwig. And if you want more fiery flying creatures 71753 Fire Dragon Attack (£44.99/$49.99) proves that there really isn’t a limit to how clever NINJAGO dragon sets can get.

Under £100/$110

Perhaps as a summer treat, whether for yourself or a loved one, you fancy splurging on a big LEGO set. Something to keep you entertained for hours. Marvel fans looking for a movie-accurate display piece should definitely check out 76191 Infinity Gauntlet (£59.99/$69.99), which is a pretty unique entry into the theme. Meanwhile Potterheads might be tempted by butterbeer in 76388 Hogsmeade Village (£69.99/$79.99), which is the first ever version of the iconic location in bricks.

It’s not all licensed themes though and Castle fans have finally got a taste of the good old days, even if 31120 Medieval Castle (£89.99/$99.99) is only half a fortress, it’s still sure to inspire some nostalgia. 60307 Wildlife Rescue Camp (£89.99/$99.99) is the flagship City set of the June wave, boasting almost every type of savannah animal you could imagine.

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Over £100/$110

So what about the really big entries? There are certainly some unique choices for collector’s, particularly 76393 Harry Potter & Hermione Granger (£119.99/$119.99). Giant brick-built minifigures have never been done before, so the pair would certainly be eye-catching on display. LEGO NINJAGO also has a very unusual entry in the form of 71756 Hydro Bounty (£119.99/$129.99), which looks straight out of a sci-fi film and is packed from bow to stern with role-play features.

Of course if you’re up for really splurging, there are more options than ever – 10292 The Friends Apartments, 76178 Daily Bugle, 31203 World Map, 21327 Typewriter and 10282 adidas Originals Superstar have all been released recently and offer something for everyone.

No matter how much or how little you want to spend on a LEGO set there is something appealing in this summer wave. The sheer amount of new sets can be overwhelming but by sticking to a budget or a particular theme, you’re sure to find your next brick fix.

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